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Happy Numbers Book 1

The Happy Numbers Book 1 is a number book series from Happy Tots that are prudently designed books with a good range of exercises to expedite the children to develop a solid foundation in mathematical ideas and thinking. These books about numbers for preschoolers are specially designed to benefit their lifelong learning to make learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable.




The Happy Numbers Book 1 are uniquely designed number book for kindergarten to help in enhancing the ability of the children to perform basic mathematical operations with numbers. The contents in these books for preschoolers have been sequenced in a thematic manner to make learning simple and easy. These books about numbers for preschoolers are a necessary foundation and an indispensable prerequisite for making learning interesting for children with beautiful and colorful illustrations.

It also develops vital skills like counting, arithmetic, mathematical and logical thinking along with problem-solving which are very much required at this specific stage of growth. This book is sure to delight the little ones as it is ideal for their little hands and makes it durable with colorful pictures providing hours of entertainment and learning. Moreover, these books about numbers for preschoolers come with a sparkling covers apart from including kid-friendly content, with high quality and wonderful presentation.

Other Information

Each unit of these books about numbers for preschoolers comes alive by introducing your child to the amazing world of numbers. With clear and simple instructions, vibrant colors, and appealing illustrations, these books are packed with an interesting array of self-motivating learning exercises to make your kid an expert in creative thinking and problem-solving.

The topics and activities in these number books for kindergarten are intrinsically linked to the learner’s everyday life and the environment around them.  These number book series will definitely create positivity among children encouraging them to explore and work independently besides aiding them to develop socio-emotional skills such as curiosity, patience, cooperation, teamwork, interaction, and empathy that are much required for school preparedness and to stand out among other kids.

So, get the Happy Numbers Book 1 to make your kids fall in the magic of numbers and help them understand how to write numbers, and learn and apply them in their daily lives.

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