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Happy Reading Practice

ISBN: 978-81-959963-1-5

Happy Reading Practice books for early readers boosts your child’s confidence to understand the English language. Each chapter in the beginning reader books kindergarten ensures mastery of the reading practice to keep the children engaged and make learning easy and thoughtful. Overall, the colorful illustrations in this Happy Tots series gives a wonderful experience for the kid.




Reading is the key to unlocking the door to the vast wealth of information and literature. It also supports logical and problem-solving skills. Books for early readers can be helpful for your kids to make education successful. The practice of reading books helps in developing a child’s imagination and creativity and is a great approach to supporting your child’s dream.

A child’s writing development usually parallels enhanced reading. The Happy Reading Practice books for early readers make the child read and understand their reading skills. It also creates an ability to hear, identify and play with individual sounds in spoken words.

On the other hand, communication gets improved by making use of the vocabulary which in turn helps your children to develop an ability to read the texts more accurately and quickly. Also, the pictures and illustrations used in the reading books allow the children to learn and recognize the words effectively.

Other Information

The vivid and interesting pictures in the Happy Reading Practice books for early readers include simple texts with easy sentences. These are introduced in the beginning reader books kindergarten to enforce your kid to make correct usage of the words to complete the sentences while reading.

The thematic concepts used in the books of reading practice are incorporated to enhance the reading activities that can make the child understand and relate better to people, the environment, and real-life situations. Each story in the Happy Tots series is animated with colorful drawings that give wings to the little kids’ imaginations besides making the reading time fun-filled.

This reading book will definitely give an amazing experience to your kid to make their reading meaningful and also it will be easy for them to understand more about the characters, recognize relationships and apply it in their everyday lives. Moreover, the attractive and colorful design will grab and hold your child’s attention.