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Happy Tots 1A Book Set





English Course Book 1A

(Age 6-7 yrs)The ultimate English Course Book -1A/ 2A (Age 7-8 yrs) contains these amazing features: Foundational literacy through communicative competence, comprehending skills, decoding complex words and develops a love for reading. It also includes wordplay, creative writing and much more!

Happy Phonics & Stories 1A

(Age 6-7 yrs) Elevate and Excel your phonics through our Happy Phonics & Stories 1A/ 2A (Age-7-8 yrs): The simple pedagogical appraoch in these books include: short stories, poems,word search & puzzles, all about the blends and digraphs,phonics related activities for every lesson and much more! Excel to master phonics!

Our Little World 1A

Learn to explore the world around reading Our Little World 1 (Age 3-4 yrs) / 2 (Age 4-5 yrs) /1A (Age 5-6 yrs) / 2A (Age 6-7 yrs) : Read and explore to unravel the facts and findings around you as you grow! Get the hands-on learning experience through the environment supportive topics colourfully illustrated with simple and clear content.

Happy Mathematics 1A

Explore the inevitable and invariable Number Skills with our Happy Numbers Book 1 (Age 3-4 yrs) / 2 (Age 4-5 yrs) /Happy Mathematics 1A (Age 5-6 yrs) / 2A ( Age 6- 7 yrs) that imparts these unique features: Number sense – Counting skills, add & subtract,skip counting, greater than/lesser than,colours and shapes, ordinal numbers, time and date and much more !.