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Nursery Rhymes Senior KG

ISBN: 978-81-960039-5-1

Nursery Rhymes Senior KG book is a Happy Tots series that has been prudently designed with classic nursery rhymes for the kindergartners. This rhymes book for nursery is wonderfully illustrated with colorful and beautiful pictures over traditional rhymes. The characters in this senior kg rhymes book helps the child to develop a fascination to read.




The rhymes book for nursery can be a special gift for your little one as it is full of interesting rhymes. There is a good range of exercises in these classic nursery rhymes that can expedite your child to build up a solid foundation for formal education in their primary classes.

The senior kg rhymes book is in a song mode were reading it in a rhythmic tone can have a positive impact on your child’s language and vocabulary development. The melodious tone of the rhymes and repetition of the words from the book develops a love for the language besides making the child develop a strong foundation to help the child know the value of learning.

When your young child listens to the rhyming songs and poems from the senior kg rhymes book, it creates a mental picture to expand their imagination and also makes learning fun and easy for their daunting task. 

Other Information

The nursery senior kg rhymes book provides an opportunity for your child to help them verbalize full sentences and improve their complicated vocabulary at an early stage. This rhymes book can be a treasury for the kid as it consists of vivid, and detailed illustrations for each rhyme.

This makes it unique that the young child can read, understand and learn with fun and joy. The best-loved rhymes of all the time make the child more familiar with the reading and help them discover some of the less familiar ones too.

Each rhyme in this nursery rhymes book is illustrated with colorful pictures, and characters, and is also filled with humor. The bouncy rhymes for the kids make them read aloud with joy and enthusiasm. Grabbing this book for your child can be an amazing thought as this book is guaranteed to inspire the imagination of your child and have them singing along.