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Our Little World Book 1

‘Our Little World Book 1’ from Happy Tots series has been prudently designed with a good range of exercises to connect the children at school with the real-world situations. These books for kindergarteners help the children to shape our learning system and bridge the gap between school, home and community.




The Happy Tots curriculum includes these books for kindergarteners as it adopts the best aspects of all the international approaches to early years of learning. ‘Our Little World Book 1’ series are the best books for preschoolers which is beyond the legacy of bookish learning.

The pedagogy is specifically designed to address the developmental needs of your child with 21st-century smart learning skills. All the contents in these books for nursery students have been sequenced in a thematic manner which is simple and easy to ensure that the little ones should learn the concepts in an interesting manner.

Working with books for kindergarteners can be a brilliant resource to nurture or enable your child to experiment, analyze, and synthesize ideas and concepts by understanding the real world. Besides that, the cognitive skills of the child are enhanced when they are exposed to new vocabulary and begin to develop early literacy skills. 

Other Information

These books for nursery students include different units where each unit comes alive with clear and simple instructions, vibrant colors and appealing illustrations. All these are packed with an interesting array of self-motivating exercises.

The topics and activities in these books for kindergarteners are intrinsically linked to the little one’s day-to-day life and the environment around them. It creates a positive impact on the child to encourage them to learn more by exploring innovative things and working independently.

These best books for preschoolers help the kids to develop socio-emotional skills apart from cognitive skills such as curiosity, teamwork, patience, cooperation, interaction, and empathy that is very much required for school preparedness.

The Happy Tot series have introduced these books to reveal a banner of colorful pages with adorable characters to attract the young ones and make them enjoy the concepts of learning. Getting one for your child further allows them to concentrate besides helping them develop their imaginary skills.