Best Kids Book Publisher  In Tamil Nadu

List Of Books Published By Us


As you know, we being the best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu have a variety of books for your kids to ensure what they learn is valuable.

Our books are always a combination of fun, colors, and knowledge to make the reading interesting.

Junior Kindergarten Books


– Pre-Writing Skills  – Happy Tots Sing Along Nursery     Rhymes  – Happy Times Reader  – Happy Phonics  – Alphabet Book  – Number Book  – Thinking Skills  – Worksheets

Senior Kindergarten Books


The senior kindergarten books published by the kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu have a lot of interesting story books to make reading interesting for the child and improve other skills like vocabulary, writing and coloring skills.

Programs Offered By Us


As you must have known, when children read, they can develop their cognitive skills, learn the art of concentration and discipline, prepare for academic success and unleash their creativity.

Happy Tots


It is one of India’s premium childhood education programs at an early stage. The program is well integrated and garnered to have a positive reputation for the distinct transformation in bringing about all the partnering institutions.



For over a decade, VBH Publishers has been the renowned kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu to empower children with the power of knowledge and holistic learning.

The books provided under this program are highly imperative and develop a well-rounded personality to make them think independently.

Bumble Bee


Preschool is an important stage for a child’s life as they start their observation to explore the world around them.

Our best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu helps the children develop their critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity to fuel their success in the kindergarten classroom and beyond.



In a nutshell, if you want to get colorful books for your kids with quality pages of the book materials, you can reach VBH Publishers as they bring sparks in the faces of the children beside quenching their thirst for knowledge.

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