Importance Of Pre-Writing Skills For Kindergarten

What Are Pre-Writing Skills?


Pre-Writing Activities are combined with a set of fundamental skills that helps the children to write when they are ready developmentally.

A Few Skills Need To Be Put Into Them Before They Are Ready To Start Formal Writing


– Develop fine motor skills – Adapt finger-hand strength – Focus on hand-eye coordination – More stress on bilateral     coordination – Always accept learning good         posture – Boost confidence

Why Pre-Writing Skills Activities For Preschoolers Is More Effective?


Pre-writing skills activities for preschoolers are more effective because the sequence for teaching the children is very systematic.

It usually starts from simple to complex, starting around 2+ years of age start learning with a vertical line going up to the triangle by age 5+.

How You Can Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skill Development?


– Activities like scribbling or drawing    on the floor – Can use the blackboard great for    developing motor skills – Can use tweezers and tongs in         pinching movements – Making shapes in water and sand – Cutting different shapes and sizes     using scissors

Advantages Of Pre-Writing Activities


Gross motor play is very much important to children because through these activities their bodies will have a great vibe, postural control, and strength as physical activities are more focused here.

Sign That A Child Needs To Develop Pre-Writing Skills


– Feeling uncomfortable pencil grip; difficulty in holding a pencil for writing, drawing, or coloring.

– A child inclined to use the whole hand instead of a few fingers for manipulating objects

– Untidy handwriting or lack of willingness to color going out of the Frameline.

How To Enhance Prewriting Skills?


Practice making the man perfect make your child Practice, practice, practice!! Give your child a writing instrument and make them practice.

It makes your child perfect and strengthens the finger, wrist, and hand muscles.



Like most kids starting kindergarten, your child will likely have to learn how to write shortly. This can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful if you don’t have any experience with pre-writing skills yourself.

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