Junior KG Books: Which Ones Do Your Child Need?

When a child steps into a kindergarten school what does the teacher wants? A teacher always wants the kids to learn his activities and lessons in a fun-loving way rather than being dejected or irritated! But sometimes the child gets fretted while reading the books for longer times with the parents for the first time.

Junior KG Books: Which Ones Do Your Child Need?

Writing Junior Kindergarten Books helps your child practice letter writing, starting from alphabet letters to consonants, vowels, and words such as hat, red, and dog.

Writing Books For Junior Kindergarten Kids:

Here the parent’s roles come first teaching their children to identify uppercase letters.  In Junior Kindergarten Books like Alphabet Book, 1 parents can find it and can enhance their letter identification skills

Letter Recognition Books For Junior Kindergarten Kids:

Number Recognition And Counting Books For Junior Kindergarten Kids:

One of the most important skills that your child must learn is acquiring math skills.  It includes number recognition, simple number matching skills, counting the exact number by seeing the varied picture in the Junior Kindergarten Books, and lots more.

Shapes And Colors Books For Junior Kindergarten Kids

This book teaches your child about colors, shapes, and sizes in a fun way manner so that they can easily identify the colors, shapes, and sizes of any objects.

Rhyming Books Books For Junior Kindergarten Kids:

Rhyming is a very important skill for new readers to practice.  Rhyming books are perfect for the Pre-K or Kindergarten class.


Creativity is brushed up within your child only when they are exposed to all the above Junior kg Books.

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