Short Moral Stories For Kids 

Short moral stories are a delightful way to impart important life lessons to children in an engaging and entertaining manner.


These KG stories in English often feature relatable characters, exciting adventures, and valuable messages that encourage positive behavior and ethical thinking. 

The Wise Tortoise And The Hare 

In this classic tale, the boastful Hare challenges the slow-moving Tortoise to a race. 

Orange Lightning

A mischievous young shepherd boy repeatedly tricks his village by falsely claiming a wolf attack to gain attention. However, when a real wolf arrives, and he cries for help, nobody believes him anymore.

Circled Dot
Circled Dot

The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

A kind-hearted young boy shares his food with an old man, who in return grants him a magical golden goose. 

The Golden Goose 

The Fox And The Grapes 

A fox, unable to reach a cluster of tempting grapes, declares them as sour and walks away. 


A tiny mouse helps a mighty lion escape from a hunter’s trap. The lion initially dismisses the mouse’s assistance but later realizes that even small acts of kindness can be significant.

The Lion And The Mouse 

During the warm summer days, the grasshopper spends time playing and singing, while the hardworking ant diligently prepares for the winter ahead.

The Ant And The Grasshopper 

A young boy steals a loaf of bread from a bakery due to hunger. However, upon discovering the boy’s situation, the baker forgives him and provides him with food. 

The Boy With The Stolen Bread 

A giant selfishly hoards his beautiful garden, preventing children from playing there.

The Selfish Giant 

Through captivating tales and engaging characters, these stories impart important life lessons, fostering empathy, kindness, honesty, and other positive traits.


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