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Available themes

VBH Publishers has launched different kinds of themes to make your application more professional and user-friendly. You can purchase these themes from the Codecayon marketplace. Here are some popular themes of VBH Publishers.


If you want to use a clean and white theme for your application, Nifty is the best choice for you. This theme is designed to give classic pro looks to your VBH Publishers web portal. Also, it brings a new taste of layout that makes your application more professional.

Nifty Welcome Page
Figure 1. VBH Publishers Nifty Home Page
Nifty Login
Figure 2. VBH Publishers Nifty Log In Page
Nifty Course
Figure 3. VBH Publishers Nifty Course Page


If you are searching for an advanced and modern professional theme for your VBH Publishers, Elegant is the best theme for you. This theme is the most popular in the Codecayon, and it’s a modern UI template. Elegant make your application more professional and user-friendly to your web portal.

Elegant Welcome Page
Figure 4. VBH Publishers Elegant Home Page
Elegant Login
Figure 5. VBH Publishers Elegant Log In Page
Elegant Course
Figure 6. VBH Publishers Elegant Course Page


Firdaus” is another theme for frontend in VBH Publishers. If you want to use RTL (Right to the left) language as an application language, Firdaus is the best option for you. For example- 

  • Arabic 
  • Hebrew 
  • Persian 
  • Urdu 
  • Pashto, etc. 

This theme is designed to use the application from the right side. 

Firdaus Welcome Page
Figure 7. VBH Publishers Firdaus Home Page
Firdaus Login
Figure 8. VBH Publishers Firdaus Log In Page
Firdaus Course Png
Figure 10. VBH Publishers Firdaus Course Page