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About Us

VBH is one of the fastest growing publishing houses in India today, specialising in children’s educational books taking due cognisance of the various educational boards in India.
VBH brings out books that are relevant to the contemporary generation of students with a focus on engaging their minds productively.
At VBH, we believe in publishing books that make learning fun. Fun, relevant, and effective.
vbh publishers Education without application is just entertainment
vbh publishers

Auuro Educational Services – one of India’s top education consulting company in the K-12 education sector conceptualized the ‘Happy Tots’ early years curriculum framework.

Dr.K.R.Maalathi, an educator with an experience spanning over 29 years in teaching, mentoring, curriculum designing, advising, setting up and managing schools across India, Qatar and Africa is a visionary and transformational leader in school education. She is the Founder & CEO of Auuro Educational Services.

Graduating from the prestigious and top universities around the globe she is focused on her efforts to bring in the needed change in the society through classrooms and teachers. She is been campaigning for the upliftment of rural schools and enhancing the standards of education delivered to all children across India through her unique Teacher empowerment program.

So far she has set up 18 international, 16 CBSE schools and 2 multi disability centres for children with special needs across.

A certified Early Education expert from the prestigious Harvard University, She has Hand-crafted the unique 21st century kindergarten programme “Happy Tots’ keeping the developmental needs and age-appropriateness of the children. Happy Tots is one of the most sought after Kindergarten curriculum by elite educators across. This initiative has touched the lives of more than 2,00,000 children across India.

As an educator and a strong advocate of welfare of children in the country she is also conducting parenting workshops across India and Qatar.

She strongly believes that happy children can be raised only through happy parents, so she’s spreading the art of parenting through workshops, seminars, video conferencing, monthly video magazines (this is meant for women in the rural areas through an NGO), through talk shows in TV and in Radio’s. So far over 30000 parents (across India over 10 years) have benefited from these sessions.

Dr. Maalathi’s sole aspiration as an educator is to redefine the modern day outlook towards education which merely thinks learning and knowledge is a tool for getting job and successful lifestyles.

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She strongly believes that Education is more profound and goes much beyond and is powerful enough to define the destiny of you, me and perhaps even the world. – Edu Talk, on Jan – Mar 2020

As one of the country’s growing educational company, Auuro Educational Services works with over 300 schools across the country. We offer a range of educational programs – from infants to school age children, teachers to parents.

It is only through years of commitment that Auuro Educational Services reputation has grown to be recognized for its innovation, leadership and excellence in delivering top-quality education.

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Our Vision!

When children read, they are in effect developing their cognitive skills, prepping for academic success, learning the art of concentration and discipline, and unleashing their creativity.

At VBH, we believe that great books help to create great minds.

Our primary focus is to create exceptional high-caliber material that engages the young mind. At VBH, we believe that great books help to create great minds.

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