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Kids Punnagai 5-12 years

Kids Punngai is a tailormade reading solution for children in the age group of 5-12 years.

The Kids Punngai magazine is designed to enhance age-appropriate learning.

Kids Punnagai engages little minds with activities that focus on the basics of language and math. The books are replete with drawing, colouring, and other creative activities as well as puzzles, riddles and games to aid mental dexterity and nurture creativity.

This inspiring educational magazine venture educates students on general knowledge and current affairs. Children of this age also develop the ability to think in concrete ways.

Kids Punnagai from VBH encourages logical thinking and reasoning. Children are also guided towards identifying healthy foods so they begin to understand the benefits of a good diet at an early age.

Learning is made fun, educative, and relevant to help children build a lifelong interest in reading books. Kids Punnagai also offers valuable tips for parents so they can raise their children with understanding and discipline.

What are the developmental milestones at this age?

Children progress at different rates, have diverse interests, and exhibit varied personalities. But there are some common milestones.

Improve reading, encourage reasoning, with Kids Punnagai.

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Contest Name: Which Animal’s Rear End is This?

Answer: Leaf Sheep / Leaf Slug

April&May Month Contest Winners

Kids Back Wrapper Page 68
Class : 6th
Pon Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School, Velachery
Class- 5th
Divyesh Muthu S
Dr.Dasarathan International School, Coimbatore
Class: 4th
V Dharaneesh
Vikas Mantra Public School Mahindra City, Chengalpettu
Class : 2nd
Nakshatra K G
Vikas Mantra Public School Mahindra City, Chengalpettu
Class : 4th
Daniella Richard
Panchayat Union Middle School, Kolathur

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