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Basic terms

What is a course

In Academy LMS, students and instructors can share and enrich their knowledge through a course-based system.

The instructor or course creator has to create lessons, quizzes, and add attachments under the course. Later, the course creator can update, modify, or remove the course. On the other side, students have to purchase the course to enroll in a course. In this learning platform, the course is a medium to connect the users to work together. Multiple instructors can create a course here.

Who is an admin

An admin is a user who has the highest number of privileges, permissions, and responsibilities in Academy LMS. The admin has to manage the entire system to operate the application.

In this platform, an admin can:

  • Create users.
  • Manage course and category.
  • Manage revenue report menu.
  • Grant permission to withdraw the instructor’s revenue.
  • Add addons.
  • Configure and update the entire system settings.
  • Accept/reject the application for the instructor.

Who is an instructor

The instructor is a user in the Academy LMS, who creates and sells courses in their expertise subjects.

An instructor can add, remove, and update the lessons, quizzes, and attachments. They can also overview sales and payout settings. An instructor can earn income by sharing a percentage of the course price after selling the course on this platform. Also, an instructor can continue messaging, and discussing lessons with admin and enrolled students.

Who is a student

In Academy LMS, students are the users who want to learn or upgrade skills in their favorite subjects.

On this platform, students can purchase or subscribe to a course for enrollment. They can start or continue their enrolled course from the last preview. They can also browse courses and make wishlists. In Academy, a student can apply to become an instructor.

What is Drip content

The method of releasing your contents step by step is called drip content. You can lock new lessons in a course through the drip content feature. Your students have to see a particular percentage/time of previous lessons to unlock new ones if you activate drip content in a course. They can not see new lessons without watching the previous video. Also, your student’s course learning progress will be updated automatically after unlocking a new lesson. The course creator can enable/disable this feature any time they want.