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Course website backend


Academy Dashboard
Figure 1. Academy LMS Dashboard

All required numbers that need viewing more often are displayed on the dashboard. Such as income from the total number of courses, lessons, enrollment, and the most recent payout withdrawal request, etc.

Manage Course

Academy Manage Courses

Figure 2.Academy LMS Course manager

The administrator manages all courses. Approves pending instructor courses and sells own courses direct.

Add new Course

Academy Add New Course
Figure 3.Academy LMS adding course form

Before creating a course, the administrator must first create a section. Go to the course menu on the Admin left to complete a new course. It is possible to add a new course.

Course category

Academy Course Category
Figure 4. Academy LMS Course Category Page

Course categories can organize very quickly with unlimited top categories and subcategories.


www.creativeitem.comAcademy CouponsFigure 5. Academy LMS Coupons

Academy-LMS now has access to course discounts. The administrator can add different coupons. These coupons can help you save money on your entire Course when you check out.

Enroll History

Academy Enrol Histoty
Figure 6. Academy LMS Enroll History

Admin will see the list of all the enrolled students on the Enrol history page. Admin can find this from the admin navigation menu to Enrol History. 

Enroll a student

Academy Enrol Student
Figure 7. Academy LMS Student Enrollment Page

Admin can enroll a student manually. From Enrol A Student option, and can filter the enroll History.

Admin revenue

Academy Admin Revenue
Figure 8. Academy LMS Admin Revenue Page

Admin revenue option will show all of them. After every successful course purchasing, Admin will get the entire amount as revenue if he creates the Course. And if he is not the creator of that Course, he will get a predefined amount from that. 

Instructor revenue

Academy Instructor Revenue
Figure 9. Academy LMS Instructor Revenue Page

Suppose an instructor publishes a course. After a successful purchase, Admin will pay him a payment, which will be displayed here with all payment information and payment status. 

Manage Admin

Academy Manage Admin
Figure 10. Academy LMS Admin Page

A root admin can manage other admins in the academy. Root admin can provide permissions to them Like if you permit an admin to access the courses only, he can only access the Course feature.

Add new Admin

Academy Add A Admin
Figure 11. Academy LMS Adding New Admin Page

In the Academy LMS, a root admin can create multiple other admins. They are sub-admins.

Manage instructors

Academy Manage Instructor
Figure 12. Academy LMS Managing Instructor Page

The administrator has control over all of the instructors and can remove them.

Add new instructor

Academy Add New Instructor
Figure 13. Academy LMS Adding New Instructor Page

The administrator can create a new instructor in the academy LMS.

Instructor payouts

Academy Instructor Payouts
Figure 14. Academy LMS Instructor Payout Page

Administrators have access to all instructor payment requests that have he’s submitted. He has the opportunity to approve payment requests and repay the instructor.

Instructor settings

Academy Instructor Settings
Figure 15. Academy LMS Instructor Settings Page

Instructor setting commission rates, permitting or disabling public instructors, and allowing or disabling general instructors may all be done here. Instructors get paid according to the preset commission rate by the admin.

Instructor applications

Academy Instructor Applications
Figure 16. Academy LMS Instructor Application Page

Users can apply to become an instructor if the public instructor is enabled. The admin has the authority to accept or reject applications.

Manage students

Academy Manage Students
Figure 17. Academy LMS Students Managing Page

The administrator can view the list of enrolled students.

Add new student

Academy Add New Student
Figure 18. Academy LMS Adding New Student Page

The admin can create new students.

Private message

Academy Private Message
Figure 19. Academy LMS Private Messaging 

Admin can communicate with all students and instructors using the academy LMS internal messaging system.


Academy Addons
Figure 20. Academy LMS Addons

Academy supports several add-ons. The admin can only install those add-ons.


Academy Themes

Figure 21. Academy LMS Themes

Academy LMS supports multiple themes. Admin can install these, and he can also switch to different themes.

System settings

Academy System Settings
Figure 22. Academy LMS System Settings Page

The website’s name, title, keywords, description, system email and address, and system settings are all editable by the administrator.

Website settings

Academy Website Settings
Figure 23. Academy LMS Website Settings Page

The admin can change the Banner title, Banner subtitle, Cookie policy, About us, Terms and conditions, Privacy policy, Refund Policy, Recaptcha settings, etc.

Payment settings 

Academy Payment Settings
Figure 24. Academy LMS Payment Settings Page

Admin can set up payment information on the Academy LMS application. 

Language settings

Academy Language Settings
Figure 25. Academy LMS Language Settings Page

The admin can set up the multi-language from the Academy LMS 

Smtp settings

Academy Smtp
Figure 26. Academy LMS SMTP Settings Page

Admin can change the academy LMS SMTP settings.

Social login

Academy Social Link
Figure 27. Academy LMS Social Login Page

Suppose the admin has set up social login. Users can log in to the academy using their Facebook accounts.

About this application

Academy About
Figure 28. Academy LMS About the Application

Admin can see about the academy LMS application.

Manage profile

He also has a profile manager section to update his data and password as a user.