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Course website frontend

Home page

Academy Frontend Homepage
Figure 1. Academy LMS Frontend Homepage

Users may access the majority of the view pages without logging in. When users access the Academy LMS application for the first time without signup, they will see the Course Search option on the home page and see the top courses and the top 10 latest courses.

Course categories menu

Academy Frontend Course Categories Menu
Figure 2.Academy LMS Frontend Course Category Menu

On the left side of the home page, a course menu with a drop-down menu includes categories and subcategories. Category and subcategory Select a specific category. Can view all courses in the department at once.

Course Search bar

Academy Frontend Search Bar

Figure 3.Academy LMS Frontend search bar

Users can find a course using the search box above. Can use the search bar to locate the required courses.

Cart page

Academy Frontend Shopping Cart
Figure 4. Academy LMS Frontend Shopping Cart

When users add their favorite courses to their add to cart, the cart page displays all the courses added to their add to cart.

Sign Up page

Academy Sign Up Page
Figure 5.Academy LMS Sign up page 

Login page

Academy Login Page
Figure 6. Academy LMS Log in Page

There are two buttons on the right side of the home page. the first is to log in. The second is to sign up. If a user already has an account, they do not need to sign up again. Users can purchase the course if they have an account.

Top courses

Academy Top Courses
Figure 7.Academy LMS Top Course

On the home page are featured top courses. Users quickly find suitable courses.

Top 10 Latest courses

Academy Top 10 Latest Courses
Figure 8. Academy LMS Latest Course

The top 10 latest courses the added to the homepage. Users can select the most recent courses and purchases by signing up.

Course filter page

Academy Course Filter Page
Figure 9. Academy LMS Course Filter Page

Users can filter Categories, Price, Level, Language, usage courses before signing up to Academy LMS and purchasing courses.

Course List view

Academy Course List View
Figure 10. Academy LMS Course List View

If the user wants to see all the courses on the course page in a list, they can see it using the list-icon at the top.

Course grid view

Academy Course Grid View
Figure 11. Academy LMS Course Grid 

If users want to see all the courses on the course page in a grid, they can see it using the grid icon above.

Course details page

Academy Course Details Page
Figure 12. Academy LMS Course Details Page

A user can view the course details page. Course ratings, curriculum, course requirements, course description, course previews, and can learn about the instructor without signing up.

About page

Academy About Page
Figure 13. Academy LMS About Page

The user can learn about the Academy LMS application without signing up by visiting the ‘about page’ in the menu below.

Refund policy

Academy Refundpolicy
Figure 14. Academy LMS Refund Policy 

Users may learn about the Academy LMS application’s refund policy without signing up by visiting the ‘Refund policy page’ in the footer menu.

Privacy policy page

Academy Privacy Policy
Figure 15. Academy LMS Frontend Privacy Policy 

The user can check the Academy LMS application’s privacy policy without signing up by visiting the ‘privacy policy page’ in the menu below.

Terms and condition page 

Academy Terms & Condition
Figure 16. Academy LMS Frontend Terms and Conditions 

Users will be able to visit the Terms and Conditions page without signing up.

Language Change section

Academy Language Change
Figure 17. Academy LMS Frontend Language Change

Users can also change the language of the website to their chosen one.