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Create a new course with the mobile app

With this mobile app, your instructors can create courses. For this, they have to navigate:

  • Log in to the Academy instructor mobile app.
  • Select the “Create Course” option from the left menu.
Course Creating Academy Instructors Mobile App
Figure 1. Academy LMS Instructor Flutter App Create Course Option

Now, they have to provide some basic information. This information is:

  • Course title.
  • Category.
  • Course level.
  • Language.
  • Price.
  • Check option for making a course top, free. 
  • Set the course price. (If the course is not free)
  • Check box. (If this is a discount course)
  • Set the discount. (In percentage)
  • Click on the “Create” button.
Creating Course Academy Instructors Mobile App
Figure 2. Academy LMS Instructor Flutter App Creating New Course