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Best Tamil Books for UKG and LKG Students

Tamil Books
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There has been a sudden spurt in the demand for Tamil books among UKG and LKG students. Parents prefer Tamil books for UKG and LKG students because of the direct correlation between Tamil and English. There are many good Tamil books for UKG and LKG students.

Tamil is one of the most common languages that are taught in school, if you are planning to introduce your children to Tamil, the LKG Tamil Book & UKG Tamil will be the perfect ideal solution for learning Tamil very fluently. VBH publisher has lots of Tamil book series designed for LKG and UKG students, that will help your child learn Tamil.

Here is a compiled list of the best Tamil books for UKG and LKG students.

Tamil Handwriting book for LKG & UKG students

Practicing handwriting is very important when it comes to recognizing the letter. This book complies with a set of all Tamil alphabets, where your child will know the alphabet reconstruction and its implication in their day-to-day activities.

Buying Handwriting LKG Tamil Book & UKG Tamil Book is perfect to enhance your child’s writing skills. Need it, then VBH publisher can offer you the book at an affordable cost where you can enhance your child’s vocabulary and learning skills to identify the letter and use it.

Tamil Numeracy book for LKG & UKG students

Every child should know maths. Learning numeracy skills can enhance reasoning abilities and spatial awareness. For that reason, adding maths, especially in your dialect language is another plus point. This Tamil Numeracy book contains all numbers, shapes, and sizes of all mathematical connotations, which will help your child to think critically and solve problems.

When you are thinking about boosting your child’s critical thinking then LKG Tamil Book & UKG Tamil Book is the best one. 

Tamil Rhymes books for LKG & UKG students

Kids are natural learners and when you expose them to rhymes, learning becomes a lot easier for them. Rhymes and poems are a huge part of the early year’s curriculum and are an effective way for kids to learn languages.

With the old style of learning, students get bored quickly because of the repetitive nature of learning, so make the stories fun and loving including some popular characters like Pumba, Cheetah, and other animal characters 

VBH publishers coming up with a series of Tamil Rhymes books with their folks for LKG and UKG both.  Buy UKG Tamil rhymes book and LKG Tamil rhymes book at an affordable rate.

This UKG Tamil rhymes book has a series of folk rhymes that granny used to sing!

Tamil Alphabets books for LKG & UKG students

Tamil alphabet books for LKG and UKG are designed to help your child master their first few Tamil alphabets. These Tamil alphabet books are also a good way to introduce your child to the world of the Tamil language and to inculcate an early interest in reading. Children in the age group of 2-5 must be taught the recognition of the alphabet.

This is the first step towards learning to read. Tamil Alphabets books for LKG & UKG students have alphabets in the Tamil language for kids to practice writing of alphabet. Alphabets are first introduced in LKG. Likewise, it is followed by Kindergarten and UKG.

Alphabets for kids are explained well in Tamil Alphabets books for LKG & UKG students. If you are looking for the best Tamil Alphabet books then LKG Tamil Book & UKG Tamil Book is best for your child.

Tamil Drawing books for LKG & UKG students

Drawing and painting are important tools for learning in the early years of school. In early years, drawing and painting are used to help children to develop language and literacy skills, and coordination, and to encourage creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Tamil drawing books are the best for learning drawing because they are easy to draw, learn, create a picture, and transfer into a photo.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a good drawing book in Tamil. So, you all need to know that there are many drawing books at both the LKG & UKG levels, where the LKG Tamil Book & UKG Tamil Book are the ideal choice for your kids to put color inside the image having with own dialect languages.  

Tamil Storybooks for LKG & UKG students

Storytime is a very important part of classroom teaching. To initiate the habit of reading habit in children, storytelling is done by the teacher in class. Reading is one of the most important activities for children. The habit of reading should be inculcated in them since they are in the LKG and UKG classes. Storybooks are one of the best ways to encourage children to read. They can learn a lot of new things and get to know about the world around them.


If you want that your kids should be mastered the Tamil Language then these Tamil books for UKG & LKG are best for them. You can find all these above books on the VBH publisher website!

After all, these phases of your child are to learn their lessons, not under pressure, they should get their education through fun and learning methods and all these books are great for them! They can easily memorize their lessons while playing and enjoying.