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Manage account with mobile app

Your students can create and manage an account in the Academy mobile application. For this, they have to follow the steps below:

Create Account

Your student can create an account using their email address and password to create a valid account. They also have to verify the email to secure the account.

Create Account
Figure 1. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Sign Up & Email Verify

Log in

To start learning from the course, your students have to log in or register for the first time. For this, they have to provide their email address and password.

Login Screen
Figure 2. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Log In


Your students can manage the account and update or modify their personal information from the “Account” option. Here, they can manage:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Biography
  • Social media links and so on.
Profile Update
Figure 3. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Profile Info

Your students can change or update their passwords from this option.

Change Password
Figure 4. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Updating Password

They can also get the “Log out” option.

Account Screen
Figure 5. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Account Screen

Forgot password

Students can also reset their passwords if they forget. For this, they can reset their password from the login page using their email.

Forgot Password
Figure 6. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Reseting Password