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Offline course play for mobile app

Your students can download their enrolled courses offline so that they can continue watching their courses without any internet connection.

What Type of videos can be downloaded?

Currently, your students can only download HTML5 video-type lessons in the Academy Student Flutter app.

How to download the course?

Students have to select the download icon from the “My course details” page. They can find their downloaded lessons under the course and related section.

Lesson Playing
Figure 1. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Lesson Playing Page

How to check the downloaded file?

Your students have to navigate to the “Account” option to check the downloaded files. Here they can find the downloaded course section.

Account Screen
Figure 2. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Account Screen Page

Use of Offline mode

As we said before, students can play the lessons offline if they download the videos. Your students can see the “Play offline course” button from the “Account” page. From here, students can choose the lessons that they want to play.

Downloaded Course
Downloaded Lesson
Figure 3. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Playing Online Lesson