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Benefits of Teaching Phonics to Kids

phonics books for kindergarten
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Reading, writing, speaking & listening, these four words plays a crucial role in a child’s development. To develop these skills of phonics, the child should learn how to read, write and spell. To hone your child’s phonics skills, you can prefer some phonics books for kindergarten, where they can learn all types of phonics words easily and perfectly.

The importance of phonics has recently grown due to the need for language proficiency. It is the best teaching method because it can simply the English language and is perfect for young children. This article will give you a perfect idea of why phonics is important for your children and its benefits, which age is perfect for learning phonics, and so on.

Why is Teaching Phonics so Important?

The English language is a little bit tough and complex. There are lots of words with the same spelling which means different things(homographs) including bat (sports equipment or an animal). Numerous words sound the same but are spelled differently (homophones). One best example: – Buy, by and bye see while pernoctation all are same but the meaning is different.

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are around 470,000 entries within the English language. Same as per the Oxford English Dictionary there are around 93,000 words, which can be tough and challenging for children. Therefore, it is said the English language is very complex.

So, to ease this it is very essential to understand the way to teach English. For these reasons breaking down of words and phonics comes in. There are phonics books for kindergarten that you can buy to teach different multiple phonics sounds of different words.

What is Phonics?

To understand the English language completely and easily, there is why phonics come in. Children must be able to grasp and hone these phonic skills perfectly.  They must know to recognize letters; they must know to turn these words into letters; and also, they must know to turn words into sounds and make meaning of these sounds.

It is important to know that your child must learn the relationship between letters and sounds. As the English language mostly depends highly on letters to represent sounds.

Phonics is the method of teaching children how to learn and identify the letters and the subsequent sound that are linked with that same letter. While learning phonics the child learns how to change letters that affect the meaning of the words.

In just one word phonics is a method that helps children know how to decode words using sounds or, phonemes to give them their correct names. If you want to make master your child in Phonics then phonics books for kindergarten are the right choice!

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Best Age to learn Phonics 

However, there is no such set age at which children should be able to learn phonics. It depends upon your child’s proficiency because some research says that children are ready to learn phonics programs when they have started to identify all the letters of the alphabet – three and four years of age.

So, at an early age phonics story for kindergarten will be the best for them to learn phonics easily.

Benefits of Teaching Phonics

When your child learns phonics there are lots of benefits. An effective way of teaching phonics to your child can develop culturally, socially, and emotionally. You can make your child learn phonics with fun and intreating by buying books like phonics stories for kindergarten. A few benefits are discussed below:

  • Reading Exercises The Brain.
  • Reading Becomes Better.
  • Sounding Out Unfamiliar Words Is Easier.
  • Improves Vocabulary And Language Development.
  • Become Better Spellers.


This blog is the ultimate guide where you can able to get an exact idea about the phonics learning methods, their benefits, which age to learn phonics, and so on. Even if you will know some of the best phonics books for kindergarten. Just stare your eyes above and accumulate all ideas on phonics learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few methods are there to teach your child phonics includes: –
Develop Reading Habits.
Urge Interest In Reading Is One Helpful Method.

Being a responsible parent, you can create myriad ways to teach your child phonics perfectly one best method you can buy books such as phonics stories for kindergarten, which are the best tool to urge reading habits.

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5 golden rules to teach your child phonics are: –

  1. Make Phonemic Awareness To Phonics.
  2. Teach It Systematically.
  3. Give Scope For Practice In Reading And Writing.
  4. Add Flexible Instruction.
  5. Try To Teach Your Child In An Integrated Literacy Program.