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What is VBH Publisher

VBH Publisher is a learning management system. This software is designed to create, distribute, and manage educational content.

VBH Publisher is a platform where admin can add instructors and students to enrich and share their knowledge through a structured course-based system. In this management system, an instructor can create courses, documents, videos based on their expertise.

What VBH Publisher does

As we said before, VBH Publisher is an e-learning platform. Here, you can:

  • Create course
  • Add students
  • Grant instructor application from students panel
  • Explore the course portal
  • Instructors can request for payout
  • Filter the course portal for a perfect result
  • Manage users profile
  • Make quizzes for students
  • Create wishlist
  • Instructors can sell and manage their course
  • Assign multiple instructors for one course
  • Provide the printable invoice for any transaction
  • Massage between instructor and students

Who is VBH Publisher for

This learning management system is an e-learning platform where the admin can manage users to share skills and knowledge.

VBH Publisher is beneficial for: 

  • Learner: The student or newly recruited employee who wants to enrich their knowledge and skills.
  • Instructors: Who wants to crate and sell the course in their expertise subjects.
  • Admin: The authority who operates the application, manages the user’s panel, etc.