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Course play with mobile app

Your students can start or continue learning with Academy mobile application from anytime, anywhere.

Students have to navigate to the “My course” option to start learning from the course. They can monitor their course progress from this option.

My Courses
Figure 1. Academy LMS Student Flutter App My Course Page

Students have to click on a course to watch lessons, attachments, and quizzes. The live class will be visible if you install the live class addon.

Video type lesson

If your students click on the video type lessons, the video will play on the video player section. They can see the playing lesson title there.

Video Playing
Figure 2 Academy LMS Student Flutter App Video Player Page

Attachment type lesson

Your students can watch and learn from the attachments in a course. You can add as an attachment:

  • Video (Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, Amazon S3) 
  • Document file
  • Text
  • Image file
  • Iframe embed and so on.
Figure 3. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Course Attachments


To make the course more effective, your students can attend the quizzes from the Academy mobile application.

Figure 4. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Quiz

After completing each lesson, students can upgrade the course progress by clicking on the checkbox.

Lesson Playing
Figure 5. Academy LMS Student Flutter App Lesson Playing Page