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How VBH Publisher works

VBH Publisher generally works with three types of users. Admins, instructors, and students, if you are the lone instructor of your course portal, allowing public instructors increases the number of instructors to three. There are three different user roles in the VBH Publisher: administrator, students, and instructor.

The VBH Publisher application strives to provide the most excellent possible user experience. VBH Publisher has a user-friendly and transparent workflow. All you have to do is follow the steps below:


The first thing you need to do is download the VBH Publisher application file from CodeCanyon. Then follow the instructions, install VBH Publisher on your cPanel.


Following the installation, you must configure the VBH Publisher for your website. Then, to launch this program, you must specify all of the basic settings with all relevant data.

Creating the Course:

After installation and setup, an instructor is ready to construct a course or lecture to distribute. Instructors can create lessons by providing documents, pictures, and videos according to their expertise. In addition, the VBH Publisher delivers one of the best course editors to make the course more engaging and informative.

Enroll and Sales: 

An instructor is ready to give his lesson after creating the course with the aid of the VBH Publisher course editor. The course can then be purchased and enrolled in by students, workers, or end-users. When they purchase the courses, the administrator and instructor begin making money by selling the students’ approach and developing a career.

Learning from the Course:

Students, workers, or end-users can begin studying from the course after purchasing it. They can receive a variety of distinctive benefits from VBH Publisher. Learners, for example, receive an advanced course player, track their progress in the course, save courses to their wishlist, and contact the instructor’s assistance. They may also sort and filter the course list, log in securely, and create a personal account. Academy consistently offers a pleasant user experience.