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How to create course coupons

As an admin, you can add different kinds of coupons to the course purchases value. To add the coupons, you have to navigate:

  1. Log in to the admin panel.
  2. Select the “Course” option from the left memnu.
  3. Click on the “Coupons” option from the sub-menu.
Course Coupon
Figure 1. Academy LMS Course Coupon

In this panel, you can add new, update, or remove the discounts from the application. Also, you can overview: 

  • Coupons code
  • Discount percentage
  • Discount validity date

To add a new course coupon, you have to click the “Add new coupon” button.

New Course Coupon
Figure 2. Academy LMS Adding a New Coupon

Now you have to provide:

  • Coupon code (You can randomly generate the code)
  • Discount percentage
  • Validity date

Then click the “submit” button to create a new coupon.

Submiting Coupon
Figure 3. Academy LMS Submitting a Coupon

To update the course, you have to navigate:

  • Select a coupon.
  • Choose the “Edit” button from the”Action” section.

You have to update the info and click the “Submit” button to edit the coupon.

To remove a coupon, you have to select the “Delete” button from the “Action” section and click on the “Continue” button to save your data.