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The Best Nursery Rhyme Books for Preschoolers

nursery rhyme books for preschoolers
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Why Murmuring nursery rhymes and songs for children is important? Because when your kids start singing nursery rhymes and songs it helps to develop their language and communication skills. There are many nursery rhyme books for preschoolers, that you can buy for your child.

VBH Publishers is the best publishing house in Chennai, offering many ukg english rhymes book such as Happy Tots Sing Along Nursery Rhymes, Nursery Rhymes Pre KG, Nursery Rhymes, and Nursery Rhymes Senior KG. You can buy all these from their website. If you want to enhance your child’s communication skills then this blog is the perfect guide to why nursery rhyme books for preschoolers are important.

Why Nursery Rhyme Books for Preschoolers are Important?

There are many popular rhymes like Humpty-Dumpty’, ‘Ding, dong bell’, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and so on where the child loves to murmur it. Nursery rhyme books have lots of benefits when realize then it is better because learning nursery rhymes can enhance your child’s speaking skills and he or she will learn to accumulate language proficiency better.

Sources from Experts in literacy and child Development researched that “If children know a minimum of eight nursery rhymes by heart at the time, they are four years old, then they are among the best readers by the time they’re eight”.

What are the Benefits of Reading Nursery Rhyme Books for Preschoolers?

It is important for parents should understand the essentiality of nursery rhyme books for preschoolers.  Not only it enhances reading skills, but it also offers lots of benefits for preschoolers. Here are some benefits.

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Language Development:

Rhymes offer a wide scope to hone the preschooler’s pronunciation skills. Starting from phonic practice (vowels, consonants, and diphthongs) to learning to speak with the right pitch, rhymes and jingles help children a lot. Apart from this it also hones their vocabulary skills.

By repetition and recitation, children learn all the rhymes and syntax of the language. All this learning can be possible through a song in a fun way!

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Cognitive Development:

Nursery rhyme books for preschoolers are simple. But while reciting the jingles or songs can boost cognitive development for preschoolers. For ages, this is the most popular method of learning rhymes. Learning and mugging up the rhymes are the first step in building children’s memory power. Usually, nursery rhymes are narrative. So, there is a need for sequencing and coherence.

Children try to learn the rhyme in a comprehended and repeated way by listening. So, these comprehended and repeated methods develop comprehension skills. There are few lkg rhymes book where a child can develop mathematical skills. For example, rhymes for kindergarten (One, two, buckle my shoe).

Physical Development:

The Nursery rhyme books for preschoolers are mostly depicted with action, jumping, and hopping. When the preschooler’s students sing the rhymes their body movements are in the action. Even also they develop their motor skills.

Social and Emotional Development:

While reading the rhymes they also develop interaction with family members, teachers, and other children. While reciting the rhymes abides them socially and emotionally. They sing a song and recite nursery rhymes.


This blog is the ultimate guide on why Nursery rhyme books for preschoolers are important, their benefits, which age is perfect to read all these rhyme books, and so on. Kindly go through this blog to have an idea & buy a few rhyme books for your child’s brain development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By the age of two, a child may be ready to learn some rhymes. They should vocalize them and be a little bit perfect to move their body in response to rhythmic sounds. This is the right time to refresh a child’s memory while accumulating a few kindergarten rhymes.

Being a responsible parent, you can make your child used to learn rhymes at an early stage. Recite, move your body, and dance with them!

Happy Tots Sing Along Nursery Rhymes, Nursery Rhymes Pre KG, Nursery Rhymes, and Nursery Rhymes Senior KG are a few best Nursery rhyme books for preschoolers. You can buy it from the VBH Publishers website.