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How to Use Nursery Drawing Books to Enhance Your Child’s Creativity?

Nursery drawing books
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Drawing is a very effective tool to expand children’s creativity. In this article, we will discuss how nursery drawing books enhance the creativity of child development and how it stimulates them. Drawing is an outstanding tool to foster creativity and imagination among children.

Enhancing creativity at an early age through drawing is very interesting and important also because at this age children’s minds are very sharp and they are eager to grasp things more quickly.

Early Skills – Drawing & Colouring – Nursery

The Early Skills series is a meticulously designed set of books aimed at preschool students in Nursery, Lower K.G., and Upper K.G. The primary objective of this type of nursery drawing books is to foster the development of various skills such as visual, auditory, speech, motor, cognitive, logical, reasoning, and creativity in young learners. The books are vividly illustrated with colors to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for children.

Salient Features of Early Skills

This nursery drawing book has several salient features that make it an excellent resource for young learners:

  • Age-Appropriate Content: The content of the book is tailored to suit the learning needs of children in the Nursery age group. The exercises and activities are designed to be simple yet engaging, keeping in mind the attention span and motor skills of young children.
  • Colourful Illustrations: The book is filled with bright and colorful illustrations that appeal to young learners. The images are simple and easy to understand, making it easier for children to follow the instructions and complete the exercises.
  • Variety of Activities: The book offers a wide range of activities to keep children engaged and interested. The exercises include tracing, drawing, coloring, and connecting the dots, among others. These activities help children develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: The book provides step-by-step instructions for each activity, making it easier for children to understand and complete the exercises on their own.
  • Engaging Themes: The book has themes that are relevant and interesting to young children, such as animals, fruits, and vegetables. These themes help children connect the activities to real-life objects, making the learning process more meaningful.
  • Focus on Skill Development: The book emphasizes the development of specific skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. The activities are designed to help children develop these skills in a fun and engaging way.

Here, we will get to know a few ways to enhance our kid’s creativity through drawing including:

Availability of Art Supplies

When a child does art there is a need for certain things like crayons, colored pencils, pastels, and paper. Apart from drawing paper, a child can use a drawing book as their painting source. There are many nursery drawing books where a child can put color into it very creatively.

For those reasons, there is a need for art supplies such as drawing book for nursery class to make art and scribble on drawing books. No need of giving any costly and fancy items, only these simple crayons and colored pencils is enough, to begin with.

Do Not Develop the Attitude that ‘I Can’t Draw’

In certain situations, lots of parents observe that kids are urged to have role models for their creative aspirations. So never say that I can’t draw. Just say a word that you have the confidence to try and create. So, to evoke their confidence to draw more in nursery drawing books is the best option.

No need of drawing any realistic picture, man, or animal, just try and encourage your child to draw any abstract things. Color it brightly to give a depth capture of all the illustrations. Encourage your child even if they make mistakes and fail.

Value their Creativity

When your child creatively crafted anything on nursery drawing books, then proudly try to frame it clandestinely, so that you are able to show your kids in the future once again how imaginatively they have given a creative color to the art of their favorite piece. That will not boost their confidence level but also, they will be more innovative and aspire to draw more perfectly.

Sit and Draw with Your Children

The best method to encourage creativity in kids is to use a pre nursery drawing book. Sit beside them and start drawing with them. When you sit with them, your child will boost an artistic process and learn to do art perfectly. And also, they will feel happy to find their parents as they are also involved in their space artistic world.

When your kids start drawing on nursery drawing books with you,they will imitate your creative style as their masterstroke and they also start doing the same as you did for them. Finally, be patient and keep drawing. At some point, creativity will evolve within your child’s infancy.

Keep Asking about their activity

Keep asking about their creative art ideas and activity processes as it will enhance their drawing skills to be more finished with a good note. Initially, they will scrabble on their pre nursery drawing book. As per the saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, your kids must practice more in drawing books because it can be the best medium to learn art perfectly and professionally. This will help them master their art skills. Also, always ask endless questions about their creative innovation. 

Give Freedom to Explore their ideas

Do not interpret in between their creativity flow because creativity comes naturally within the child. Always give the right to think freely so that it can boost their sense of thinking to draw a masterpiece or to add colors to any books like drawing books for nursery class perfectly. Always encourage them to choose what your kids need, never force them to follow.

Five Ways to Use Nursery Drawing Books:

Encourage Exploration

Children have a natural curiosity and love to experiment with new things. Encourage your child to explore the nursery drawing book by providing them with different colors, textures, and materials to work with. Let them experiment with different styles and techniques and see where their imagination takes them. By giving them the freedom to explore, you can help your child develop their own unique style and approach to drawing in the pre nursery drawing book.

Use Prompts

Sometimes, children need a little inspiration to get their creativity flowing. Provide your child with prompts or themes to draw, such as animals, nature, or their favorite storybook characters. This can help spark their imagination and give them a starting point for their drawing. As they get more comfortable with drawing, you can encourage them to come up with their own ideas and prompts.

Provide Guidance

While it’s important to give your child the freedom to create, providing guidance can also be helpful. Offer tips and suggestions to help your child improve their skills while using the pre nursery drawing book like making them know how to draw different shapes or how to shade and blend colors. Give them positive feedback and encouragement to build their confidence and help them feel proud of their work.

Make it Fun

Drawing should be a fun and enjoyable activity for your child. You can enhance their creativity by making it a positive and engaging experience. Try playing music or making up silly stories to go along with the drawings. You can also create a game out of the process by challenging your child to draw certain objects or characters within a certain time limit.

Celebrate Achievements

Finally, it’s important to celebrate your child’s achievements and encourage them to keep exploring and creating. Display their drawings around the house or create a special book or portfolio to showcase their work. This can help build their confidence and inspire them to keep improving.

Benefits of Coloring

Coloring is a fun and engaging activity that can provide numerous benefits for people of all ages. Here are some of the main benefits of coloring the nursery drawing book:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

One of the most significant benefits of coloring nursery drawing books is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Coloring allows you to focus your mind on a specific task, which can help to calm your thoughts and lower your stress levels. Additionally, coloring can provide a meditative experience that promotes relaxation and mindfulness.Research has shown that coloring can have a positive impact on the body’s stress response. 

Improves Focus and Concentration

Coloring requires more focus and concentration as it can help to improve these skills over time. When you color a nursery drawing book, you need to pay attention to staying within the lines and choosing colors that match or complement each other. This can help to enhance your ability to concentrate, which can be useful in other areas of your life, such as work or school. In addition, coloring can improve fine motor skills that involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists, and coloring can help to strengthen and develop these muscles.

Enhances Creativity

Coloring is a creative activity that allows you to experiment with different colors, patterns, and designs. This can help to enhance your creativity and inspire new ideas and approaches for problem-solving. Research has shown that coloring nursery drawing books can increase creativity by stimulating the brain’s right hemisphere, which is associated with creativity and imagination. 

Boosts Mood and Mental Health

Using a nursery drawing book can have a positive impact on your mood and mental health by providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you finish a page. It can also be a great way to express emotions and release pent-up feelings. Research has shown that coloring can be an effective tool for improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression. 

Provides a Break from Technology

In a world where we are constantly connected to screens and technology, coloring provides a refreshing break from the digital world. It allows you to unplug, unwind, and connect with your own creativity and imagination. Additionally, coloring nursery drawing books can be a great way to disconnect from social media and other online distractions that can contribute to feelings of stress and overwhelm. 


A nursery drawing book can be a wonderful tool for enhancing your child’s creativity. By encouraging exploration, using prompts, providing guidance, making it fun, and celebrating achievements, you can help your child develop their artistic skills and express themselves through their drawings. Remember to have patience and give your child the time and space to experiment and grow as an artist. With your support, they’ll be able to create beautiful and imaginative works of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are enormous benefits to using nursery Drawing Book here follows: –

  • Enhance the creativity.
  • Increase the imaginative thinking capability
  • Increase the sense of humor      
  • Increase creative communication through effective artistic skills

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A drawing book is just a pile of smooth pages that allows adding colors and art creatively through sketches. Drawing books can be in different forms and sizes, and one can choose from them. A nursery Drawing Book is the best option where your child can become more creative and imaginative. 


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The nursery drawing book is specifically designed for young children, typically in the age group of 3 to 5 years. It caters to preschoolers and kindergarteners who are beginning to explore their artistic abilities. The content is geared towards the early childhood developmental stage, offering easy and entertaining sketching exercises that complement the cognitive and motor abilities of kids in this age range.

Making an age-appropriate drawing book for kids starts with selecting simple topics and concepts. Incorporate step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations to guide young artists. Include interactive elements, such as coloring pages and creative prompts. Ensure a balance between educational content and fun activities to keep children engaged. Use durable and child-friendly materials, and consider incorporating diverse characters and themes to cater to a broad audience of young learners.

Children learn various cognitive, emotional, and motor skills through drawing. It fosters creativity, self-expression, and imagination. Drawing helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. It encourages observation and attention to detail. It also acts as a means of communication, enabling kids to express their feelings and opinions. Overall, drawing is a holistic activity that contributes to a child’s cognitive and emotional development.