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Best Drawing Books for Kids

UKG Drawing Book
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Drawing can be a challenging task but it is a necessary craft, especially for young kids. Getting a UKG drawing book for kids can make them know the fundamental drawing concepts starting from a small scribble to a masterpiece. Acquiring one of the Best Book Publishers in Chennai like the VBH Publishers can enhance your child’s motor skills from a young age. 

There is a drawing book for nursery class kids where your child’s activity comes naturally unique in its own way as the drawing. Whether your child’s medium is crayons on printed paper or chalks on a sidewalk, he/she will definitely enjoy creating art.

Choosing the Right Drawing Books for Your Child

Choosing the right LKG drawing book for your child can be a challenging task. You want to find a book that will not only be engaging but also help your child develop their drawing skills. Here are some tips to help you choose the right LKG class drawing book for your child.

  • Look for Books with Simple Drawings – When choosing a drawing book for LKG, look for one with simple drawings. Your child is just starting to learn how to draw, so they need to start with the basics. Simple drawings will help your child learn how to draw lines and shapes, which are the building blocks of all drawings.
  • Choose Books with Age-Appropriate Themes – The theme of the drawing book for LKG is also an important factor to consider. Look for books with age-appropriate themes that your child can relate to. For LKG children, themes like animals, nature, and simple objects are great starting points. Avoid books with complex themes that might be too difficult for your child to understand.
  • Check the Quality of the Paper – The quality of the paper used in the drawing book is important. Make sure that the paper is thick enough to withstand repeated erasing and re-drawing without tearing. Also, check that the paper of the drawing book is of good quality, so that the colors do not bleed through to the other side.
  • Look for Books with Step-by-Step Instructions – Books with step-by-step instructions are a great way to teach your child how to draw. Look for LKG drawing books that break down each drawing into simple steps that your child can follow. This will help your child learn how to draw more complex drawings in the future.
  • Consider the Size of the Book – The size of the drawing book is also important. Look for a book that is the right size for your child’s hands. If the book is too big, it might be difficult for your child to hold and draw in. If the book is too small, it might be difficult for your child to see the details of the drawing.
  • Check for the Use of Bright Colors – Bright and vibrant colors can make the drawing book more engaging and attractive for your child. Look for books with the use of bright colors to capture your child’s attention and keep them interested in drawing.
  • Look for Books with Engaging Activities – Engaging activities such as coloring pages, mazes, and connect-the-dots can make the drawing book more interesting and fun for your child. Look for LKG class drawing books that incorporate these types of activities to help your child develop their creativity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Consider Your Child’s Interests – When choosing an LKG drawing book, consider your child’s interests. If your child loves animals, look for books with animal-themed drawings. If your child is interested in cars, look for books with car-themed drawings. This will help keep your child interested in the drawing book and encourage them to keep drawing.

VBH Publishers – The Best Drawing Book Publishers

VBH Publishers provide more pre-nursery drawing books, UKG drawing books, LKG drawing books, and other types of art and Coloring Books which include in the drawing book for nursery class. They ensure the quality of the book has good printed material for kids to make them more artistic, keep them engaged and trigger their interest to draw, color or paint.

The Best pre-nursery drawing books published by VBH Publishers are:

  • LKG Art Book These drawing books are from the Bumblebee series which have beautiful pictures where the kids have to make it colorful by using their own style of coloring.
  • Pre-KG-Colouring Book This also belongs to the Bumblebee series which illustrates how to draw and color each picture neatly. This can be useful for your child when they are at home, daycare, or at school as it keeps them engaged. 
  • UKG Art Book This UKG drawing book from the Bumblebee series is specially designed for the senior kindergarten and has numerous developmental benefits where practical knowledge has to be applied to your child’s artwork. 
UKG Drawing Book | VBH Publishers

Benefits of Drawing Books for Kids

There are numerous benefits of UKG drawing books for kids but a few of them are mentioned below to make you understand how various nursery drawing books help your little one. They include:

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills usually include a specialized movement of the fingers, wrists, and hands. When your kid becomes an adult, you can rely on them as they will have fine motor skills when they type, drive, or even text. So, it is highly important for your kid to develop strong fine motor skills at an early age.

Holding and manipulating writing implements can be one of the best ways to improve a child’s fine motor skills. Making use of the LKG class drawing book and UKG drawing book will create immediate visual feedback depending on the tool your child uses and how he/she uses it to produce the desired result.

Helps Establish Concentration

Most children enjoy drawing, and getting a drawing book for nursery class aids them in establishing the concepts of concentration and practice. These are essential to your child’s academic success even when they are in elementary school.

The UKG drawing book helps to observe small details besides making them concentrate on achieving a specific result. Moreover, it helps them to practice tricky tasks when your child matures.

Encourages Visual Analysis

Young children may not understand some concepts in the LKG drawing book and UKG drawing book and take them for granted, such as distance, size comparison, and textural differences; pre-nursery drawing books provide an opportunity for your child to grasp these concepts deliberately.

Encouraging a child to draw specific items, especially in relation to each other, can help them perform a fundamental visual analysis of everyday spaces. To support this kind of drawing at home, make your child draw examples of small and big, far and near, rough and smooth, and so on.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Besides improving fine motor skills, the UKG drawing book enables your child to draw connections between what he/she visualizes and what he/she does. This hand-eye coordination is significant in recreational situations and academic scenarios.

For hand-eye coordination, boost your child to draw an object from the pre-nursery or LKG drawing book while looking at it or copy a drawing from the books that you made.

Increases Self-Confidence

When your little one has an opportunity to create physical representations of his/ her thoughts, imagination, and experiences, confidence will gain automatically. 

Drawing from the LKG class drawing book and UKG drawing book can help your child to feel more intrinsic and motivates them for self-worth, and validity. This affirmation will make him/ her feel more confident in other areas that might not come as naturally as drawing.

Teaches Creative Problem Solving

In addition to visual analysis and concentration, the UKG drawing book will encourage your child to solve problems creatively. It can be the best way to connect body parts, depict specific textures, and portray emotions when your little one draws it.

Provide them with specific drawing tasks by discussing the color, method, or particular choices they choose because it can aid them to develop stronger problem-solving skills over time.


To summarize, if you want your little one to become a drawing artist at an early age, then check with VBH Publishers because they have a vast collection of UKG drawing books for your kids to trigger their emotional and cognitive skills besides keeping them highly engaged and enhancing their creative skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching drawing to children for UKG drawing book can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Encourage experimentation: Give children the freedom to experiment with different materials and techniques.
  • Start with the basics: Begin with simple shapes and lines, and teach children how to create basic forms and structures. From there, you can build on more complex concepts and techniques.
  • Use examples: Show children examples of different styles of illustrations, such as realistic, cartoon, or abstract. This can help them to develop their own unique style and ideas.
  • Practice regularly: Encourage children to practice drawing regularly and set aside time for them to explore their creativity and improve their skills.

There are many different types of UKG drawing book, but some of the most common include:

  • Realistic drawing: A type of drawing that aims to create a lifelike representation of a subject, such as a portrait or still life.
  • Cartoon drawing: A type of drawing that uses exaggerated features and simplified forms to create humorous or stylized illustrations.
  • Abstract drawing: A type of drawing that focuses on shapes, lines, and colors rather than representing recognizable objects or scenes.

For beginner UKG drawing book are just a  simple sketches with clear outlines and minimal shading are often the most effective. This can help children to focus on the basic shapes and forms of the illustration without getting overwhelmed by complex details. Illustrations with bright colors and bold lines can also be engaging for young readers.

It’s important to remember that the most important factor is that the illustrations capture the essence of the story and help to bring it to life for the reader.