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The Best Books for Developing Early Reading Skills

Best Books For Early Readers
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Developing early reading skills is crucial for young children. Not only does it help them become more confident readers, but it also sets them up for future success in school and beyond. To help you get started on your child’s reading journey, we’ve put together a list of the ten best books for early readers that are perfect for developing early reading skills.

  • Happy Phonics Book“: This timeless book not only brims with boundless fun and excitement but it also ignites curiosity among young readers for exploring fundamental phonics and vocabulary.
  • Happy Reading Practice“: This can be a perfect choice while looking for the early reading series because it has repetitive language and simple sentence structure to help the children enhance their reading skills perfectly.
  • Little Hands Learning Series“: This book not only boosts and enhances young readers to learn basic vocabulary, but it also enlightens them to know the concept of patterns in language.
  • Happy Times Reader“: This interactive book is overloaded with fun and urges young readers to know the alphabet besides helping them develop their phonics skills. 
  • Freddy, The Farmer“: This most beloved character Freddy not only makes your children love to read and but also makes your child entertaining. This story also introduces young readers to new words and concepts.
  • Our Little World Book“: It captivates young readers by providing imaginative illustrations besides imparting fundamental storytelling principles.
  • Veggie World“: This engaging book enhances the young readers to learn about its names and concepts of a variety of groups of vegetables along with their native names and sequencing.
  • Pictionary“: This image book not only indulges young readers with its importance of alphabet sequence, but it also introduces them to know the basic concepts of the alphabet through attractive images.
  • In My Neighbourhood“: This book aids children to expand their vocabulary skills in the English language and also enhance their comprehension skills while acquiring knowledge from it. 
  • Home Sweet Home“: This mind-blowing story not only engages young readers with its magnifying characters, but it also introduces them to the basic concepts like making friendship and family bonding.
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The Significance of Reading Aloud Books to Children

Reading aloud to children is a valuable activity that can have a lasting impact on their development. Here are some benefits of reading the best books for early readers.

  • Language development.
  • Literacy development.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Emotional development.
  • Bonding time.
  • Positive associations with reading.

How to Opt for the Best Books for Early Readers?

Developing early reading skills is crucial for young children, and choosing the best books for early readers can play a big role in that. However, as a parent, it can be challenging to determine which books are appropriate for your child’s reading level.

We’ll offer tips and advice to help you choose the best books for early readers that are the perfect fit for your child’s reading level.

  • Understand Your Child’s Reading Level: Before you choose the right books for your child, you need to understand their reading level. You can do this by observing their reading habits and by talking to their teacher or librarian.
  • Look for Books with Appropriate Vocabulary and Sentence Structure: When choosing early reading series, look for ones that have vocabulary and sentence structures that are appropriate for your child’s reading level. If the book is too difficult, your child may become frustrated and lose interest.
  • Consider Your Child’s Interests: Choosing books that align with your child’s interests can help make reading more enjoyable and engaging. Look for books that feature topics or characters that your child is interested in.
  • Choose Books with Appropriate Length and Format: Books that are too long or too short may not be appropriate for your child’s reading level. Additionally, books with large print or lots of pictures may not be challenging enough for more advanced readers.
  • Use Reading Level Guides and Tools: Many libraries and bookstores offer reading level guides and tools to help parents choose appropriate books for their child’s reading level. These resources can be a great starting point when looking for new books.
  • Encourage Reading Comprehension: As your child progresses in their reading skills, it’s important to encourage reading comprehension. Ask your child questions about the books they’re reading to ensure they understand the plot and characters.


To conclude, choosing the best books for early readers for your child’s reading level by acquiring one from the VBH Publishers can help them develop their reading skills and foster a love of reading. By understanding your child’s reading level, looking for appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure, considering their interests, and using available resources, you can choose books that are the perfect fit for your child. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

The early reading series are ones that are appropriate for their reading level and interests. Look for books with simple vocabulary, short sentences, and engaging illustrations. Some popular and the best books for early readers published by VBH Publishers include Home Sweet Home, In My Neighbourhood, and Veggie World.

To determine if a book suits your child’s reading abilities, examine the book’s suggested age range and reading level. Numerous best books for early readers include a label denoting the recommended age or reading level. This information is invaluable for parents and caregivers, as it helps ensure that the book chosen is both engaging and appropriate for their child’s developmental stage and reading skills.

Discovering the best books for early readers can be achieved through various means. These include consulting with your child’s teacher or librarian, exploring online bookstores such as VBH Publishers or library databases, and perusing curated book lists from respected organizations. Furthermore, numerous parenting blogs and websites provide valuable book suggestions tailored to early readers.