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Best Activity Books for Kids

Best Activity Books for Kids
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The desire of each and every parent is to fulfil their children’s developmental needs. Taking a good decision of introducing activity books to kids from an early age can make a huge difference. The growing years of a child are mostly lucrative when they have to focus on new skills or enhance their talents. In fact, the pace at which the kids get accustomed to new activities can be extremely impressive.

This is where it is important to provide the best resources to help them realize their maximum potential. There are many types of activity books for kids but they will have a change in mindset as to try a new activity as they grow. Each and every activity book will help a kid to boost their brain activities, to improve their skill set and to realize their maximum potential.

Importance of Kids Activity Books

Activity books for kids can be a favourite time pass besides aiding in mental exercises. They cultivate attention in detail and improve cognitive functions by encouraging the brain to stay active. The book activities for kids will have a solving process every single tmeime. 

This keeps the kid hooked to the same puzzle over and over again. Puzzles are one of the most common activities included in activity books for kids because they challenge their thinking and also exercise their minds. Some parents offer kids activity packs as a gift to their children to keep them busy and entertained, while others do the same to promote their intellectual development. Either way, book activities for kids come with multiple learning benefits for children.

VBH Publishers – The Best Children’s Activity Book Publishers

VBH Publishers are dedicated to creating valuable Educational Materials for Children. They deliver quality printed material for kids on a wide range of subject matter, targeting young children, including activity books for kids to keep them engaged and trigger their interest in emotional learning and educational games. 

 Some of the best activity books by VBH Publishers are:

  • Little Hands Learning Series – These activity books for kids have colorful, eye-catching pages with vibrant illustrations to develop numeracy, literacy and general awareness skills for the kids at pre-kindergarten level.
  • Pictionary – It is a picture dictionary to promote robust vocabulary development of the children through reading with beautiful illustrations.
  • Happy Reading Practice – It has book activities for kids at junior kindergarten level to learn simple and complex sounds in a systematic manner.
  • Happy Writing Practice Book– It is used by kids at junior kindergarten level to develop a base for better handwriting and building artistic qualities in a child.
  • Happy Numbers Book – This book is for the kindergarteners to help them identify the pattern and shapes, numerical symbols, finding missing numbers and much more.
  • Happy Phonics Book – This activity books for kids are designed for senior kindergarteners to learn the English language meaningfully. 
  • Early Reading Series – It has colorful pictures to help the young readers familiarise the words and also improve the word-recognition and spelling skills of the readers.

Benefits of Activity Books for Kids

There are countless benefits of kids’ activity books but few of them are listed below to make you understand how various book activities help your little one. They include:

Improve Cognitive and Emotional Skills

Activity books for kids can be an effective way to help them with number, letter, colour, shape recognition. From this, children can learn all kinds of essential skills like word formation, simple math calculation like addition and subtraction along with how to obtain different colours by combining different hues.

       On the other hand, children also experience stress just like adults but they will not know how to express and overcome the frustration and other negative feelings. In that time, helping a stressed child by choosing the best book specially designed with book activities for kids would be a great boon. They can divert their mind by concentrating on something like this and come out of their emotional stress when they complete the puzzle.

Fine Motor Development

      A complete pack of book activities for kids definitely requires a great deal of fine motor skills. As you must be aware, children are not usually born with such skills but they tend to develop gradually as they get older. 

      A simple action such as holding a color pencil and focusing their movements will require the activation of dozens of muscles located in the tiny hands, fingers, and wrists. Developing fine motor skills can be made possible when they make use of the activity books for kids to their fullest that too with their own interest. 

Hand and Eye Coordination

Colouring Books are also one of the activity books for kids because it helps in improving the hand and eye coordination. For instance, kids should be able to learn to colour within the lines instead of scribbling or making the picture messy without control. 

       At the same time, these book activities will make a child think about what colour they are going to apply to certain elements of the page, imagine how the page will look once it’s complete, and adjust their hand movements depending on what they see. Solving puzzles will also require good control of hand movements and eye coordination.

Improves Self-esteem and Concentration

Solving Activity Books for Kids will improve a child’s self-esteem due to the sense of personal accomplishment in what they feel after they complete an activity. By seeing they are able to achieve something which in turn instills a sense of confidence in kids and encourages them to take up new challenges at home and in school. They also believe that they are capable of what they are doing and are more likely to succeed.

Book activities can sometimes be hard for young children to concentrate but it can develop over time if we cultivate it carefully. However, children should never be forced to concentrate but instead they should be engaged more in activities to make them naturally easy to focus on. Activity books for kids contain simple tasks but are entertaining and challenging enough to keep the young children absorbed and concentrated for a period of time.

Apart from learning, activity books for kids also offer other advantages such as:

  • Providing Screen Free Activities Kids will not watch TV or other screens at all and spend their quality time concentrating on tasks, overcoming behavioural issues like irregular sleeping schedules. So, if parents could purchase activity books for kids at the earliest there can be a lot of time to use this effective solution. 
  • Spending Quality Time with Kids – Because of the fast-paced digital world, parents have no time to be more engaged with their children. This is where engaging them with more book activities would be a great way to enjoy a wonderful bonding experience.
  • Travelling and Entertainment Traveling with kids can be quite replicacopys challenging because they get easily bored. Activities books can be taken by parents to allow the kid to explore their creativity page after page. This will keep them active and entertaining especially during a long journey.


So, if you are convinced and want to prepare your little ones for success from an early age, then check with VBH publishers because we have our terrific collection of activity books for kids for excelling their emotional and cognitive skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activity books for kids are books that contain a variety of engaging activities for kids to complete, such as coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, word searches, and more. These books are designed to keep kids entertained and engaged while also helping them develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

Activity books for kids are important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can help improve children’s concentration and focus, as they need to pay attention to complete the various activities. Additionally, activity books can help develop children’s creativity and imagination as they are encouraged to express themselves through coloring and drawing. They can also help improve children’s cognitive skills such as memory, reasoning, and spatial awareness.

The most popular activity books for kids vary depending on their age and interests. Young children often enjoy coloring and simple puzzles, while older kids may prefer more challenging activities such as Sudoku or word games. However, some activities such as playing with playdough, building with blocks, or going outside to play are popular with kids of all ages.