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Best Kids Book Publisher in Tamil Nadu

Best Kids Book Publisher
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Are you in search of a kids book publisher? If you are one among the list of seeking the best books for your kids, you can rely on VBH Publishers as we have been the trusted kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu for several years now.

We help you discover the best books for your little ones be it fiction or non-fiction stories and also provide reading material that should fascinate the relevant education to kids. If you look for engaging and colorful children’s educational books, then we can be your best choice as we take due cognisance of various educational boards in India.

List of Books Published by Us

As you know, we being the best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu have a variety of books for your kids to ensure what they learn is valuable. Our books are always a combination of fun, colors, and knowledge to make the reading interesting.

Our kids book publisher has published a number of colorful reading books by categorizing them into two sectors: Junior Kindergarten books and Senior Kindergarten books. Some of them are listed below:

Junior Kindergarten Books

The junior kindergarten books published by the kids book publisher in Tamilnadu has a lot of collections but some of the most sought ones are:

Senior Kindergarten Books

The senior kindergarten books published by the kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu have a lot of interesting story books to make reading interesting for the child and improve other skills like vocabulary, writing and coloring skills. 

Some of the books published by the kids’ books publisher include: At the beach, At the zoo, In my neighborhood, Freddy the farmer, Home sweet home, Veggie world, Happy phonics, Alphabet books, Fun with numbers, Rainbow thematic books, Thinking skills book, Worksheets

Programs Offered by Us

As you must have known, when children read, they can develop their cognitive skills, learn the art of concentration and discipline, prepare for academic success and unleash their creativity. The VBH Publishers being the leading kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu believe that great books help to create great minds beside creating exceptional high-calibre material to keep engaging the young mind.

Apart from the publishing works, this best kid’s publisher in Tamil Nadu offers exclusive service programs to keep the kids active and updated. Some of them include:

Happy Tots 

It is one of India’s premium childhood education programs at an early stage. The program is well integrated and garnered to have a positive reputation for the distinct transformation in bringing about all the partnering institutions. 

As one amongst the country’s growing educational companies and best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu, Happy Tots works with 300 schools across India, Africa and Middle East. The vision statement for this program is to make children across the globe receive a balanced education. This in turn helps them to focus on their physical, social, economic and academic needs. 

Also, the kids book publisher here ensures children to be enthusiastic in developing their skills as well as deepen understanding at the kindergarten level. It also bridges the gap between the kindergarten and the primary classes that exist in schools.


For over a decade, VBH Publishers has been the renowned kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu to empower children with the power of knowledge and holistic learning. The books provided under this program are highly imperative and develop a well-rounded personality to make them think independently. 

Also, the books provided here are not just for information but also sparks creative thinking, improves logical thinking, develops communication skills, enables personality development, focuses on wellness and more. Our best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu publishes the widest study monthly newspaper called the ‘Vijay Punnagai’ that comprises fun-filled activities such as games, stories, puzzles, interesting articles of arithmetic and knowledge. 

We take privilege in circulating lakhs of copies across 400 schools as it covers more of the GK curriculum. Above all, learning is made fun so little ones build a lifelong trust and develop their concentration in reading books. We also have genius punnagai to inspire and guide young adults from class VI to XII dealing with a wide array of topics such as language skills, general awareness, comprehension, current affairs, analytical and creative thinking and much more.

Bumble Bee

Preschool is an important stage for a child’s life as they start their observation to explore the world around them. Our best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu helps the children develop their critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity to fuel their success in the kindergarten classroom and beyond. 

The bumble bee term book is an all-in-one text book that can be used for each term at the kindergarten level. The contents are comprehensive and make the learning easier, fun and exciting.

It covers language arts, logical thinking, mathematics, rhymes, stories, art and craft activities, colorful worksheets based on literacy skills, numeracy skills, creative skills and EVS and extra activities. The kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu mainly focuses on developing the fine motor skills and gross motor skills of children.


In a nutshell, if you want to get colorful books for your kids with quality pages of the book materials, you can reach VBH Publishers as they bring sparks in the faces of the children beside quenching their thirst for knowledge. 

Moreover, all the books published by the best kids book publisher in Tamil Nadu is focussed on various themes equipped with modern and ultra-modern methods making the learning easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best publisher for children’s books will depend on the specific genre, style, and age range of the book. One well-known Best Kids Book Publisher In Tamil Nadu is VBH Publsihers. It’s important to research and identifies publishers that specialize in the type of children’s book you have written and that have a good track record of publishing successful children’s books.    

The amount a publisher will pay for a children’s book can vary widely depending on several factors, including the length of the book, the quality of the writing and illustrations, the target audience, and the author’s track record. It’s important to note that not all children’s book authors receive an advance, especially first-time authors. Searching for the Best Kids Book Publisher In Tamil Nadu then VBH Publishers is right one.  

To get a children’s book publisher, you will typically need to submit a query letter or book proposal to the Best Kids Book Publisher In Tamil Nadu or a literary agent. Your submission should include a brief summary of the book, information about the target audience, and any relevant writing or illustration experience you may have. It’s important to follow the submission guidelines provided by the publisher or agent, as they may have specific requirements for how to submit your work. You can also attend writing conferences and events to network with publishing professionals and learn more about the industry.