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The Books for Preschoolers – Ultimate Guide

Books for Preschoolers
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There is a saying: A potter shapes pots out of clay!! That means a potter gives his primary efforts only in making his design; he can’t change its implications and creative thoughts (Books for Preschoolers) again after the pots dry up!! Similarly, this adage applies to your kindergarten child who is going to school for the first time or planning to go.

During those periods children’s brains are very delicate and the sensor nerve is very soft so giving them more tasks and burdens can hamper their brain and sensor development. Therefore, many fun activities and teaching approaches are undertaken by parents & teachers to make their education process fun and learning. There are many fun activities Books for Preschoolers are available at VBH Publishers, you can buy them.

Educational Books for Preschoolers in India 

Educational books for preschoolers in India play a pivotal role in early childhood development. These books are thoughtfully designed to engage young minds and facilitate learning in a fun and interactive way. They often encompass a wide array of subjects such as basic numeracy, literacy, colors, shapes, animals, and more.

These books are typically enriched with vibrant illustrations and age-appropriate content, capturing the attention of preschoolers and stimulating their curiosity. Interactive elements like flaps, textures, and puzzles enhance the learning experience. Furthermore, many of these books incorporate cultural elements, reflecting the diversity of India’s traditions and languages, thus fostering a sense of identity and inclusivity from an early age.

Also, educational books for preschoolers also emphasize values like kindness, sharing, and empathy through relatable stories and characters. They lay the foundation for language development, cognitive skills, and socio-emotional growth. Publishers and authors are continually innovating to create captivating and educational content that aligns with India’s educational landscape while nurturing a love for reading and learning among the youngest generation.

Here are a few lists of the curated age-wise activity books that can be learned for better education.

Nowadays most schools are preferring the Activity Based Learning approach in early childhood. Therefore, Books for Preschoolers & books for kindergarteners are there as per the age your child is growing, and you can adapt them to those lessons.

Books for Preschoolers | VBH Publisher

Books for Kindergarteners 2 – 3 Years

For example, if your child is around 2 years old then you can buy cloth books, which is perfect for them. This cloth activity book is not only simple for the little ones to grasp soon but also makes their mind busy for its equally light and manageable approach.

If your child grows around 2 to 3 years The books for kindergarteners are best for this age group because the pages are very simple to turn even a toddler can turn the page easily.  The book activity for children is also popularly known as good Books for toddlers. These educational books for preschoolers India are more colorful which makes them attract more. These are all interactive activities packed inside like daily routines, animals, vehicles, numbers, etc.

These books are very helpful for the little ones to improve the dexterity of their small fingers and also urge interest in seeing the bright and vibrant colors used in books. Some books have also included small images like tiny toys tiny or bells embedded in the page. Some have depicted textured fabrics that help to develop the child’s tactile sense.

Few Wonderful Books for Kindergarteners that you can opt for your little one:

Other books for kindergarteners you can buy from VBH publishers as well are

Coloring/Painting books for kids, which is very nice for making your child creative and imaginative. These coloring books of pre school books and curriculum help the child to scribble freely on that page which makes it more convenient to hold the colored pencil firmly. It increases the finger grip of your child to hold perfectly. Apart from coloring books you can buy number and alphabet books, rhymes books, thinking skills part 1 and 2, and lots more

Books for Kindergarteners 3– 4 Years

These creative Activity Books for young children are the best ones in the recent tech world!! With the innovative method, they will try to learn advanced activities. This learning approach helps to develop children’s coloring efficiency and improve knowledge and awareness about shapes.

Books for Preschoolers can include these creative activity books that the parents can buy and improve their child’s learning efficiency in finding out the objects and their spatial relationships in various situations. Using these pres-chool books strengthens their hand and finger muscles. Creative activity books support children’s cognitive development and enhance their creativity.

Few Wonderful Books for Preschoolers

Counting books helps the young mind to know the exact meaning of each digit and their relation with each other. These pre-school books are primarily designed for 3 – 4 age groups with more creative mathematical theories that the child can learn easily once they enter the school.

Thinking skills levels 1, 2 and 3

In this thinking skill levels 1, 2, and 3 vary from age to age so you can buy it as per your child’s thinking capacity. It will help them to be more creative and can generate more sharp brains in developing an advanced IQ level. It will help them to improve their concentration and attentiveness.

At the age of around 3 to 4 they need to boost and enhance concentration, memory, and diligence when they start learning before going to school. Pre-nursery books have all these models you can buy for your children to explore more innovative methods to adapt easily. This is the best activity book for all preschool students who want to step into the school for the first time.

Books for Kindergarteners 4 – 5 Years

In this stage, you need to grow the child’s vocabulary and memory who has started their formal learning at school. It helps them to keep focused all the time on those productive activities and enhances to increase the visual perception

A few Excellent Books for Preschoolers are

These levels of Books for Preschoolers advanced-level activity books help the child to enhance memory, improve concentration and boost confidence, which are compulsory for excelling in all schooling levels.

These educational books for preschoolers India like happy phonics books 1, 2, and 3 help the child to make perfect pronouncing alphabet accents, which can increase their vocabulary and communication skills for talking. In the future, they will be able to speak and co-relate each alphabet perfectly with ease.


Here are some book lists of pre school books and curriculum as per the age group, you can have a look into it if you want to know more about any best books that can boost your child’s excellency and mind then, VBH Publishers has many Books for Preschoolers, it can surely enhance your child’s excellency.

A child’s mind and brain should be beamed and brushed in a proper manner giving them the right education at the right time. Priority should be given to quality education with fun learning activities rather than giving on quantity or pressurizing them to digest more.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Books for Preschoolers are picture books with simple and repetitive language, colorful illustrations, and relatable themes are ideal. These books can help young children develop a love of reading and build their vocabulary. Some examples of books that preschoolers might enjoy include:

  1. My First Book Of Stories
  2. Happy Numbers Book 1
  3. Nursery Rhymes Pre KG
  4. Our Little World Book 1
  5. Happy Phonics Book

For 4 year olds, they can start exploring more complex stories with a bit more text and plot. Books for Preschoolers with a bit more adventure and humor can also be appealing. Some suggestions include:

  1. At The Beach
  2. At The Zoo
  3. Veggie World

For 3 year olds, shorter and simpler stories with rhyming or repetitive text, and colorful illustrations can keep them engaged. Some examples of books that might be appropriate for 3 year olds include:

  1. Happy Tots Sing Along Nursery Rhymes
  2. Happy Phonics Book
  3. Freddy The Farmer
  4. In My Neighbourhood