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Junior KG Books: Which Ones Do Your Child Need?

Junior Kindergarten Books 
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When a child steps into a kindergarten school what does the teacher want? A teacher always wants the kids to learn his activities and lessons in a fun-loving way rather than being dejected or irritated. But sometimes the child gets fretted while reading the books for longer times with the parents for the first time.

Therefore, sending them to kindergarten school is the best option. Here the teachers adopt a fun-loving teaching approach and your child can get to love that atmosphere to acquire new skills for learning their lessons. Many Junior Kindergarten books are available where their teacher can make them learn with fun and creativity.

Here are a few Junior KG syllabus books for enhancing your kid’s readiness skills. Have a try: A few listed Junior kg Books list for your child need to work out before she/ he goes to school.

Junior Kindergarten Books | VBH Publishers

Writing Books

Writing Junior Kindergarten books helps your child practice letter writing, starting from alphabet letters to consonants, vowels, and words such as hat, red, and dog. And writing simple sentences like “This is my pet dog” etc. Here they also learn to write their name with an uppercase first letter and the other letters that are written in lowercase. There are many books for developing writing skills and one among them is the ‘Pre-Writing Skills’ book available at VBH Publishers.

Letter Recognition Books

A recognition letter at the early stage is a must when your child is stepping on her first foot in school. She should know to identify all the letters beforehand by picking out a specific letter from among piles of other letters. Here the parent’s roles come first teaching their children to identify uppercase letters. In Junior Kindergarten books like Alphabet Book, parents can find it and can enhance their letter identification skills.

Number Books

If your child is facing some difficulties in identifying certain colors, then shapes and coloring Junior Kindergarten books would be the best option. These best KG books India teaches your child about colors, shapes, and sizes in a fun way so that they can easily identify the colors, shapes, and sizes of any object.

This book helps them to identify the number accurately, know its importance and implications, and also helps to engage with numerical concepts like the right counting of objects, matching the exact numbers with the count of objects, and the correct nomenclature of the count.

Few Junior Kindergarten Books are

Shapes & Colour Books

If your child’s facing some difficulties in identifying certain colors, then shapes and coloring Junior Kindergarten Books is the best option. This best KG books India teaches your child about colors, shapes, and sizes in a fun way so that they can easily identify the colors, shapes, and sizes of any objects.

These fun books like The Color Zoo, Bear in a Square, and Mouse Shape are a few books for Junior Kindergarten kids by which children are kept engaged with fun stories, They can able to learn all about colors, shapes, and sizes perfectly with ease.

Many Junior Kg syllabus books are available where your child can increase their fine motor skills. To develop a strong grip and hand-eye coordination, give them a chance for writing as this best method enhances their hand-eye coordination besides helping them with a strong grip of holding a pencil correctly. Giving them colored pencils, crayons, or markers can help them to have more interest in writing and drawing.

Rhymes Junior Kindergarten Books

Rhyming is a very important skill for new readers to practice. Rhyming books are perfect for the Pre-KG or Kindergarten class. Rhymes are very interesting because with jingles we can educate our children very smartly and creatively. Through rhymes, you can develop your child’s mind innovatively which in turn makes them a vociferous speaker in the future as well.

Few Rhyming Books for Junior Kindergarten Kids

If you want to raise your child’s creativity within them, you can purchase ‘Happy Tots Sing Along Nursery Rhymes’ from VBH Publishers.

Kindergarten Reading Activities

Kindergarten is an exciting time for young children as they learn to read and explore new worlds through books. There are many fun and engaging Junior KG syllabus books that parents and teachers can use to help children develop their reading skills.

  • Read Aloud: One of the best ways to encourage children to love reading is to read aloud to them. Parents and teachers can read books with simple, repetitive language and lots of pictures to keep young children engaged. Reading aloud helps children develop vocabulary, listening skills, and comprehension.
  • Sight Word Bingo: Sight word bingo is a fun game that can help children learn to recognize common words by sight. Teachers or parents can create bingo cards with sight words and call out the words one by one. Children can then mark the words on their cards until someone gets a bingo.
  • Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: This activity in the kindergarten books help children learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Parents or teachers can hide letters around the classroom or at home, and children can search for them while saying the letter sound. When they find a letter, they can match it to a corresponding picture or object.
  • Letter Sound Hopscotch: This activity combines letter recognition and physical activity. Parents or teachers can create a hopscotch grid with letters instead of numbers. Children can then hop from letter to letter while saying the sound of each letter.
  • Rhyme Time: Rhyming in the kg books are an important early reading skill. Parents or teachers can read rhyming books or poems and encourage children to identify words that rhyme. Children can also create their own rhymes using familiar words.
  • Word Families: A word family is a collection of words sharing a common ending sound. Parents or teachers can write a word family on a board (e.g., “-at”) and then provide children with different letters to create new words in that family (e.g., “cat,” “hat,” “mat”).
  • Story Retelling: After reading a book, parents or teachers can ask children to retell the story in their own words. This activity helps children develop comprehension skills and strengthens their memory.
  • Writing Activities: Writing is an important part of reading development. Parents or teachers can provide children with writing materials and encourage them to write their own stories or create their own books using pictures and words.
  • Word Scavenger Hunt: This activity helps children develop their vocabulary skills. Parents or teachers can create a list of words related to a particular theme (e.g., animals) and have children search for items that match those words.
  • Interactive Reading: Interactive reading involves asking children questions about the story as you read it. This activity helps children develop comprehension skills and encourages them to think critically about the text.

All the Junior KG books can enhance the reading skills of young children and they are more likely to develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

How to Learn Subjects in KG Class LKG & UKG?

Learning is a lifelong process, and it starts from the earliest age. The foundational years of learning the Junior kindergarten books start in the KG (kindergarten) classes – LKG (Lower Kindergarten) and UKG (Upper Kindergarten). 

Taking these classes is the beginning of a child’s formal education journey. It is essential to provide the right guidance and support to the children during these early years to develop a strong foundation by reading kindergarten books as it can enhance their future learning. 

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In addition to its focus on quality, VBH Publishers also keeps up with the latest trends in the publishing industry. The publishing house has embraced digital publishing and offers ebooks and audiobooks in addition to traditional print books. This allows readers to access their favorite titles in various formats, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

Kindergarten Books

Explore a wide range of engaging and educational kindergarten books by VBH Publishers. Our collection includes colorful and interactive kg school books designed to enhance early literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills. From alphabet and number books to storybooks with captivating illustrations, our kindergarten books are tailored to cater to the needs and interests of young learners. With VBH Publishers, you can provide your child with the perfect foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning.

The Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child

Reading aloud to children is an excellent way to promote their language and cognitive development while building a strong emotional bond with them. Here are some benefits of reading aloud from the Junior KG books to your child.

  • Language Development: It helps children develop their vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills. As they listen to stories, they learn new words and sentence structures, which they can then use in their own speech and writing.
  • Cognitive Development: This stimulates children’s imagination and helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They learn to analyze characters, predict events, and make connections between different parts of the story.
  • Emotional Development: Reading aloud can help children develop empathy and emotional intelligence. As they listen to stories about characters facing various challenges, they learn to identify and express their own emotions.
  • Bonding and Relationship Building: This creates an excellent opportunity to connect with your child and build a strong emotional bond. It creates a shared experience that can lead to conversations and discussions about the story and characters.
  • Improved Concentration: Reading aloud from the Junior KG books can help children improve their concentration and focus. As they listen to a story, they learn to tune out distractions and focus on the words and images in their mind.
  • Better Sleep: This can also help children relax and fall asleep more easily. It’s a calming activity that can help them wind down after a busy day.
  • Increased Love of Learning: It exposes children to new ideas and experiences and fosters a lifelong love of learning. It’s a fun and engaging way to explore new subjects and topics.

Tips on Learning Subjects in KG Class LKG & UKG

Here are some tips on how to read and learn subjects from the Junior kindergarten books in KG class LKG & UKG:

Create a Structured Learning Environment

Creating a structured learning environment is crucial for KG children. It helps them understand the routine and develop a sense of discipline. Teachers should have a clear schedule for each day, including snack and playtime, story time, circle time, and class activities. Having a structured learning environment also helps children develop a sense of time management, which is essential in their later years.

Use Visual Aids

The topics relating to Junior kindergarten books can be visualized like pictures, posters, and charts to help children understand concepts better. Using colorful and vibrant images can also make learning fun and engaging. For example, using picture charts to teach numbers, alphabets, or colors can be helpful in teaching the basics.

Encourage Play-Based Learning

KG children learn better through play-based learning. It helps them develop their imagination, creativity, and cognitive skills. Teachers can incorporate educational games, puzzles, and activities that help children learn while having fun. For example, using building blocks to teach shapes and sizes or playing games that involve sorting and counting can be effective.

Use Music and Rhymes

Music and rhymes can be effective tools in teaching KG children. Besides reading Junior kindergarten books, they help children develop their language skills, memory, and social skills. Teachers can use nursery rhymes, songs, and fingerplays that involve actions to teach children the basics of language, numbers, and the alphabet.

Personalize Learning

Each child is unique, and their learning style can vary. Teachers should observe and assess each child’s learning style and personalize their teaching accordingly. Some children may learn better through visual aids, while others may prefer hands-on learning. By personalizing learning, teachers can help children learn at their own pace and maximize their learning potential.

Communicate with Parents

Communication with parents is crucial in KG classes. It helps teachers understand the child’s home environment and tailor their teaching based on the Junior kindergarten books accordingly. Teachers should also communicate the child’s progress and areas of improvement to the parents regularly. This helps parents stay involved in their child’s learning journey and support them at home.


To conclude, creativity is brushed up within your child only when they are exposed to all the above Junior kg Books. Uplift your child’s excellency through all these lists of books that are discussed above in this blog. These books can surely enhance your child’s fine motor skills & boost their creativity to things exceptionally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Junior KG, children usually study basic skills such as alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, and simple words, along with motor and social skills. So, Junior KG books are best for them for learning alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, and simple words.

The price of Junior KG books can vary depending on the publisher and the location of purchase. It can range from a few hundred to a thousand rupees or more. When it comes to VBH Publishers you can get all junior KG Books at an affordable rate.

In India, JR KG and nursery refer to the same level of education, which is the first year of formal schooling for young children. To enhance the junior schooling level one has to learn all the basic concepts of the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and simple words. And that can be possible only one has the best junior kg books.