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Best Fun Books for Kindergartners

fun books for kindergartners
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Fun books for kindergartners can be a favourite pastime as it aids the kids to have a mental exercise. It also cultivates attention in detail and improves the cognitive functions of the brain to stay active. 

The solving process using these types of books can be different every single time. It keeps both the children and adults hooked to the same puzzle over and over again as it can challenge their thinking skills.

Importance of Fun Books for Kindergartners

Purchasing fun books for your kids can be a favourite time pass and also it can promote their intellectual development. The fun books for kindergartners cultivate attention in detail besides improving their cognitive functions to keep the kids engaged adding multiple learning benefits.

This keeps the kids to stimulate the level of imagination and can be later essential for their academic growth also. Some parents offer LKG drawing books as a gift to their children to keep them entertained, while others do the same to improve their concentration. Either of the ways can refine their skills without making them feel pressured.

Why Do Kids Need Fun Books?

Fun books are for entertainment when you want to make your child learning more interesting and enjoyable Fun Books for Kindergartners are a great option. Being responsible parents, we want our children should grow with better skills and virtues of empathy.

And these fun books and stories will teach our children good values and etiquette through a better learning approach. As these fun books have lots of moral stories with moral teaching that can help our child to bring out a better identity in the world to lead a meaningful life.

What are the Benefits of fun books?

·  Develop moral values
·  Develop creative learning skills
·  Develop a unique bonding to learn more
·  Eager to accumulate the teaching more adaptability  
·  Develop an image of creativity and innovation of new things

What is the best list of funny books for kids to read?

Here are some lists of Fun Books for Kindergartners you can buy from VBH Publishers one of the best leading book publishers in Chennai.

· Happy Times Reader – Beginner
· At the Beach
· Happy Tots Sing Along Nursery Rhymes
· Veggie World
· Home Sweet Home

Books for Kindergartners | VBH Publishers

VBH Publishers – The Best Publishers of Fun Books for Kindergartners

VBH Publishers dedicates itself in creating valuable books like the fun books for kindergartners using colourful and quality printed material targeting young children, to keep them active and trigger their interest by acquiring knowledge with fun. 

Some of the best fun books for kindergartners published by VBH Publishers include:

  • Alphabet Cursive Writing These train the brain of early learners to develop pencil control and motor skills. By tracing the dotted lines, children can master the 26 lowercase letters and practice writing them on their own.
  • Pictionary It is a picture dictionary which helps the kids to learn with fun and also improve their vocabulary by reading with beautiful illustrations.
  • Fun with Numbers Book – These fun books for kindergartners help them to identify the numerical symbols, patterns and shapes, finding missing numbers and much more which urges them to grasp the mathematical concepts with ease and fun.
  • Happy Phonics Book – These fun books for kids are designed for senior kindergartners to learn English with fun as it has beautiful pictures to make the learning easy. 
  • Rainbow-Thematic Concepts – These fun books for kindergartners have bright, beautiful and colourful illustrations which are simple and cartoonish for the children to learn the colours along with the rainbow thematic concepts making the reading interesting.
  • UKG Art Books – The art books bring clarity and innovation by encouraging children to look closely and utilize their imagination to understand why and what way the artists do it. This makes them active at school as they can have real art lessons to enhance their creativity.
  • UKG Colouring books – These colouring books and UKG drawing books encourage the child to draw and do colouring as per their choice by unleashing their imaginations and inventing their own artistic creations.

Benefits of Fun Books for Kindergartners

Different fun books for kindergartners play a vital role in your child’s mental development and it is proven over time. Fun books like UKG drawing books, UKG art books are becoming popular nowadays and many of the parents buy them for their kids as it can be a therapy to help them calm their anxiety. There are also various benefits of fun books that include:

Boosts Problem Solving Skills 

The main purpose of fun books for kindergartners is to increase their problem-solving skills. For instance, solving puzzles, learning numbers requires your child to plan, get from one side to another and try different strategies to find a solution.

It also implements the same in learning subjects like Maths, English and other subjects at ease. This can incredibly aid them in enhancing the problem-solving skills to help them in their future also. 

Boost Persistence and Patience

The fun books for kindergartners come with different difficulty levels and where in each and every level a child gets an opportunity to learn new strategies.  They will be focused on drawing, colouring by learning to colour with pencils, crayons and sketches. 

This can enhance their patience and persistence very effortlessly. Besides that, it reduces anxiety, improves concentration, improves the improved learning capabilities and also improves attention span of both children and adults.

Aids in Cognitive & Psycho-Social Effects

Many parents look forward to their kids learning alphabets, phonetics, and numbers because children can develop their reading and thinking skills. This is an exercise or just an intellectual workout. It also helps them with various cognitive and psycho-social effects to make the learning important.

The fun books for kindergartners not only help the children to improve their thinking and learning abilities, but it also helps them to improve their working ability as well as concentration.

Develops Visual Skills

Different activities and puzzles which are in the fun books for kindergartners hone their visual-motor skills because the kids try to concentrate and figure out different colours while drawing or colouring. 

This can train different motor skills which is a must for them to read, write or learn in future and also it can be easy for them to perform any sort of filled activities at school like participating in the drawing competition, handwriting competition, etc.

Improves Memory

Several activities can help the child to remember different names of places, fruits, colours and animals. It shows that fun books for kindergartners significantly have a positive impact on performing these activities in order to enhance their cognitive skills.

On the other hand, it statistically and significantly increases the activity of the intelligence process and working memory as they get to develop a more wonderful bonding experience with their friends and family.


Thus, different studies have stated that fun books for kindergartners develop several features of learning and the most important one is mental development.

If you want your kids to have a strong foundation by making them spend their valuable time in activities and prepare them for success at an early age, then check with VBH publishers because we have a vast collection of fun books for kids for helping them excel both their emotional and cognitive skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

For kindergarteners (typically around 5-6 years old), Books for Kindergartners with simple language, vivid illustrations, and engaging storylines are ideal. Some popular choices for this age group include:

  1. My First Book Of Stories
  2. Happy Numbers Book 1
  3. Nursery Rhymes Pre KG
  4. Our Little World Book 1
  5. Happy Phonics Book

For 5-year-olds, these Books for Kindergartners can be suitable too along with some more complex stories, adventurous tales, and non-fiction books. Some suggestions include:

  1. At The Beach
  2. At The Zoo
  3. Veggie World

For 4 year olds, the Books for Kindergartners can be simpler with shorter stories and illustrations that capture their attention. Some popular books for this age group are:

  1. Nursery Rhymes Pre KG
  2. Nursery Rhymes
  3. Nursery Rhymes Senior KG